Supreme Court to hear case of Kansas Serial Burglar

A 36-year-old Hutchinson man convicted of 16 counts for aggravated burglary and misdemeanor theft and ordered to serve 176-months in prison has his case heard Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 5.22.22 AMby the Kansas Supreme Court Wednesday.

Calvin Charles was convicted in June of 2009 for burglaries of residences where he allegedly entered through open garage doors and stealing purses and billfolds, all them occurring in the Hutchinson area.

He was photographed trying to use some of the stolen credit cards and debit cards at an ATM at the First National Bank Branch at 3rd & Elm in Hutchinson and also in a local business.

He would allegedly ride a bike around town until he found a home with an attached garage with an open door.

Judge Tim Chambers at the time of sentencing stated that Charles violated the victims right to feel safe, and says he has an obligation to protect the community and denied a request for corrections. Charles admitted that he was involved in the burglaries, but denies he entered any homes.