Road Reconstruction Discussions (VIDEO)

TMP-Marian Victory Road

TMP-Marian Victory Road

A decision made by TMP Marian just before school started allows USD 489 to utilize Victory Road on the north side of O’Loughlin Elementary School for drop-off and pick-up of student.

The road was previously closed because of deterioration.

For now, drivers of O’Loughlin students are turning around in the TMP baseball/softball parking complex, which will be an issue when spring sports starts.

Hays school board vice-president Darren Schumacher and TMP representatives are in talks about sharing costs for repair and/or reconfiguration of Victory Road:

O'Loughlin Elementary School

O’Loughlin Elementary School

Architect Terry Ault will have preliminary drawings in a couple of weeks of an option to build a new road connecting 12th Street to 13th Street on the south side of the O’Loughlin property.