Kansas and Wyoming brace for more Colorado pot

(AP) — Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead’s says he’s concerned about increased marijuana trafficking in his state as Colorado prepares to allow the sale of recreational Marijuana 001marijuana to the public. Law enforcement officials in Kansas may also have more work to do.

Colorado released rules Monday covering licensing, tracking, packaging and advertising of recreational marijuana sales. Colorado officials have emphasized the marijuana should be consumed in-state.

But Mead, a former federal prosecutor, says Wednesday he remains concerned about drug smuggling into his state and increased impaired driving.


  • Truthbetoldyo

    They just need to give people a ticket for having weed in KS, if it like an oz or 2. Seriously, I would rather have a bunch of high people around instead of drunk and methed up people ready to rumble! Have you ever drove through ‘ghetto acres’ in Hays KS? Then you know what I mean about the drunk and ready to rumble crap!

    • Sue

      I would prefer to not have drunk, tweeked, or high people around. Is raising my family in a community where everyone isn’t loaded too much to ask?

      • way2go

        Move to the moon.. legalize it!!

    • WeeTodd

      I try to stay as far away from “Ghetto Acres” as I can.

  • Rocket Science

    Farmers need to get on board with this. They want to make money and the crops they have arent paying….think about it. Letting Colorado make all the money on these crops is stupid.

  • Idontknowmuchbut

    Border states should simply fine those who get caught with ANY AMOUNT of pot or other drugs 5,000.00. There should be no jail sentences, no parole, just a direct pocket book attack on those who do drugs. If you can’t pay the fee garnish wages. If you don’t have a job debt is to be collected with community service, pickin up trash, shining my shoes, mowin my disabled neighbor’s lawn Use that money to advertise” drugs suck!!” and Kansas hates um. Attack the billfold!! AMEN

    • Tommy C.

      You should smoke a joint and chillax, man!

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  • A_citizen_patriot

    You people do realize that if the state legalizes it, it’s still against the law federally.

    • BobOil

      Technically, yes, but the feds announced Aug. 30 they are not going to pursue cases where it’s legalized.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        True, but last time I checked you cant just pick and choose what laws you feel like enforcing.