Free Service Giving Prizes for Milestone

Hays Safe Ride is about to hit a large milestone, and the city is taking steps to thank those that will be on board when it happens.  Estimates indicate that Safe Ride will carry its 100,000th passenger soon.
Partnership for a Safer Community board member Mike Ashcraft told Hays Post that as of today, September 11th 2013, they were 1000 riders short of the 100,000 mark.  They expect to hit that milestone either on Friday September 20th or Saturday September 21st.  Whoever that lucky person is will be rewarded for using the free service.

Ashcraft said that Safe Ride is going to celebrate this mile stone with prizes for more than the just person who boards the vehicle at just the right moment.

The 100,00th passenger will win an Android Tablet and a $100 Wal-Mart gift card (both donated by Wal-Mart). Passengers that are riding at that time will also win certificates for free food, which are also being donated by various establishments in town.  Ashcraft said he didn’t have the final list of restaurants donating certificates for free food, but there will be something for each person on board at the time.

To claim the big prize, a certificate with instructions will be given to the winner.  Per those instructions, the winning passenger will need to call the number listed on the certificate, and arrange a time to pick up the prize as well as have their photo taken to commemorate the milestone.

Ashcraft said the purpose of this is to thank those that use the service.  Safe Ride has been operating since June 2005.  It’s a collaborative effort between FHSU, local businesses, and the City of Hays to He added that regardless of why people use it, this is a time to celebrate those that use the service as well as encourage more to use it.

“We really just want to thank the community at large for using Safe Ride and making it a safer community.”

Safe Ride picks up and drops off passengers anywhere within city limits for free with no questions asked.  The bus runs between 10 pm and 3 am, Wednesday through Saturday nights.  You can request a pick up during this time by calling 621-2580.