Former Deputy Enters Plea in Jail Sex Case

It was scheduled as a preliminary hearing Wednesday morning for a former Reno County Sheriff Deputy arrested and charged with several counts associated with Diazunlawful sexual relations with inmates inside the Reno County Jail.

30-year-old Jonathon Diaz waived his right to a preliminary hearing and entered guilty pleas to three counts of unlawful sexual relations and two counts of bribery. He then entered pleas to two counts of aggravated intimidation of a witness. The pleas were entered in front of Magistrate Judge Randy McEwen. There is no agreement for any sentence with both sides able to argue for disposition. The sentencing will be handed down by Judge Tim Chambers on October 25.

The charges against Diaz were filed by the state after a nearly 2-week internal investigation ordered by Reno County Sheriff Randy Henderson. This after inmates complained of the allegations of Diaz touching them and also requesting that they expose themselves to him, and also engage in sexual activity while he watched.

Diaz remains in custody with a bond of 100-thousand dollars.

  • O’Neill Clan

    We need to pay jailers and prison guards more so we can weed out these bottom feeders.

    • 244

      What? If we pay them more they won’t commit sexual crimes against inmates?

      • ?

        I don’t think he gets it…

  • guest

    Absolutely!! well said O’Neill…