Roberts meets with the President, issues new statement on Syria

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts today issued the following statement after President Obama met with the Senate this afternoon to discuss the use of military force in the Pat RobertsSyrian civil war.

“After the president’s visit to the Senate today to discuss Congressional authorization of the use of military strikes in Syria, I remain firmly opposed to our intervention,” Roberts said. “President Obama told us he now wants to delay a vote. He knows there is no support for military strikes in the Congress or in the country.”

“This past month at home, not a single Kansan told me they supported military action in Syria. Not only that, they are discouraged, concerned and disgusted with the lack of leadership within the Administration. I share all of these sentiments. The actions displayed by the President and the Secretary of State do not inspire confidence.”

“The president told the Senate that he believes he can work with Russia and the United Nations. Not only is the United States expected to give credibility to the Russians who have provided Syrian President Assad with weapons throughout this conflict, but this president is asking us to give credibility to the United Nations as the ‘regulator’ for Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile.”

“There is nothing I trust about the UN, Russia, or the Assad regime. By offering this diplomatic path, we are simply providing a delayed mechanism for the president to pursue his goal of a military strike when the regime does not comply. At that time, I believe Kansans, and all Americans, will feel the same as they do today– opposed to military strikes in Syria.”

“On the eve of the anniversary of the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, and of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Americans are reminded of how much we have lost. But they also know when there is nothing to win.”

  • Pathetic

    What a flip flopper. A few weeks ago you were gung ho that we attack Syria and you quickly changed your tune when the public was overwhelmingly against it. Make up your mind. Quit playing politics and acting like a spineless turkey neck. Time to hang it up buddy, your days of effective representation are long behind you.

  • Pete

    It is a U.N. problem! Not ours singularly.

  • Astounded

    Pat…you are a part of the ‘Administration’ so trying to act like you haven’t been party to everything that is going wrong is lame. What have you done this term? Oh yeah, a bill to commemorate universities on how long they’ve been open. Great waste of tax payer money and then you act like you have been working diligently for your people. I agree with Pathetic that it’s time for you to retire…actually it’s about 10 years past your time to retire. You have wasted what power we gave you when you were elected and it’s time to get fresh, new blood in there! Term limits sir, term limits!