Wanted Suspects and Stolen Vehicles Reported

11:00 a.m. Monday  The Smith County undersheriff James Dean told Hays Post that their office did locate the stolen Hummer H3. However, no suspects in the Police-lights-in-the-distance1-150x150case are in custody.

9:30  a.m. Monday     Kearney police told Hays Post that the stolen Hummer has been located near Kensington, in Smith County. The Chevy 2500 truck was possibly located near Colby. Police would not confirm that.  It is still listed as missing.

The suspects in the case are also still missing. However, authorities had a report that John Kinzie was hospitalized in Colby.  Wendi Kinzie is described as a 34 year old, 260 pound white female.  She has brown hair and blue eyes. No other details or photos are available.

The attempt to locate alert for Kinzie said he was on his way to Hays.


Sunday 4 p.m. The search continues for a suspect wanted in connection with a truck stolen from Midway Motors in Kearney who was reportedly coming to Hays.

Police in Kearney told Hays Post a second vehicle and suspect are also the subject of their search. In addition to a suspect who claimed to be John Kinzie, authorities are looking for a woman who identified herself as Wendi Kinzie and a 2007 Black Hummer H3.  The pair were reportedly married and had connections to Smith Center, Kensington, and Hays.


7 p.m. Saturday Law enforcement authorities in the region have been alerted to a man driving a truck that was reportedly stolen in Nebraska and headed to Hays.

Authorities say 41-year-old John Sheridan Kinzie, a 5’ 10” white male, who weighs 175 pounds was last seen on Friday.

He is driving a tan Chevy 2500 pickup taken from Midway Motors in Kearney, Nebraska. Kinzie was reportedly using a fake Kansas driver’s license and is also wanted on a felony warrant in Nebraska.

Kinzie has served time  for  convictions on first degree sexual assault and theft.

Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and Check Hays Post for more information on this story as it becomes available.

  • Hays Resident

    Any pictures of what these people look like, there’s a guy I have seen lately in Hays in a black H3 that I saw at Walmart this morning that fits this description to a “T”, but w/out a pic, could be way off.

  • Interested

    He’s already in custody. If Hays Post would do some foot work and update the report everyone would know.

    • hayspost1

      Suspect is not in custody. Attempt to locate continues. 10:25 a.m. Monday

  • Interested

    How about an update please Hays Post? Have arrests been made and the stolen vehicles both recovered? Thanks

  • KW

    You people need to get your crap straight. Kinzie is in jail. Ms. Kinzie had NOTHING to do with this jackwagons BS. The Hays post is reporting misinformation and has been contacted by the authorities. Whichever one of her ‘friends’ is posting here you have serious issues. He was arrested in Independence Missouri on Friday the 13th and I was the one who posted the info.