Some counties charging extra driver’s license fees

AP) — Some Kansas counties have started charging additional fees to out-of-county residents who flood their Department of Motor Vehicles Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.49.19 AMoffices to avoid long lines in larger cities.

Harvey and Butler counties in southeast Kansas have implemented the fees, while county treasurers in smaller counties also are considering an additional charge.

Wichita resident Tammy Katzenmeier says she didn’t mind paying an extra $20 last week to get her driver’s license renewed in Harvey County to avoid what likely would have been several hours in a Wichita DMV. Instead, she was in and out of the Newton office in 10 minutes.

Kansas Department of Revenue spokeswoman Jeannine Koranda says things will settle down now that the summer rush of teens taking their driver’s tests is over.

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