USD 489 BOE Work Session – Salary Increases and more

The USD 489 Board of Education will meet Monday September 9th for a work session.  Some of the topics are listed below.  A full agenda is below.
Among topics that will be presented:

-Discussion of Sports/Activities budget

  • Attached to the discussion topic is a power point presentation detailing the monetary benefits of charging students a fee to participate in extra-curricular activities.


-Approval of Bids for the HHS Roof Replacement

  • Two areas consistently leak and are in need of immediate replacement.  $165,000 has been budgeted in the FY14 Capital Outlay budget to accommodate this replacement.


-Salary Increases for Classified and Administrative Employees (Not SEIU)

  • Negotiations between the Service Employees International Union and USD 489 are ongoing.  SEIU Business Representative Harold Schlechtweg told Hays Post the talks are going very cordially.  Neither USD 489 ner SEIU would discuss the content of those negotiations.



Work Session Monday, September 9, 2013
i. Maintenance – Pickup Bed
ii. HMS – Piano
iii. HHS – Wrestling Mats
iv. HHS –Chairs
2. Discussion Topics:
a. Victory Road Updates
The Board has asked Terry Ault to continue to work on estimates on the repair and/or reconfiguration of Victory Road. Terry is also working on the option to build a new road that connects 12th Street to 13th street on the south side of our O’Loughlin property.
b. Discussion of Sports/Activity Budgets
As per the Board’s request, Clint Albers will present information about the sports and activity budgets for Hays High, in comparison to other 5A /6A districts in Kansas (Josh Waddell)
c. TeacherSupplyLines
As per the Board’s request, Dean Katt will lead a discussion of teacher supply lines and budget trends for teacher supplies (Lance Bickle)
d. Discussion of Currently Posted Nurse / Counseling Vacancies
e. Discussion of Currently Posted Business Manager Position
The current position notice is scheduled to close on September 10th, as per the Board’s motion of leaving the notice posted for three weeks.f. Discussion of Technology Coordinator Position
g. ESP / Trane Presentations
Discussion on whether or not to pursue the programs and if so, which company.
3. AgendaTopics:
a. Approval and Authorization for BOE President to Sign the 2013-14
Agreement Between USD 489 and North Central Kansas Technical College
The Board must approve the contract and authorize the Board President to sign an agreement with NCK Technical College for 20 Auto Mechanics slots and 20 Allied Health slots at a cost of $34,020.00.
b. Approval of Bids for the HHS Roof Replacement
Terry Ault will be there to present information about the current roofing bids for the music room area and locker room area. Results will be available for the September 16th meeting.
c. KPERS Additional Signer
Authorize Victoria North, payroll employee, as KPERS additional signer.
d. Appointment of Alternative Nutrition Services Hearing Officer
The current Nutrition Services Hearing Officer was Richard Cain. Additionally, Richard Cain was designated to approve Free and Reduced Lunch applications for the Learning Center and KVC. The Board will need to designate someone else to fulfill this role.
e. Approval of the Ratified Hays NEA Contract
The Board must approve the terms of the 2013-14 Contract with the Hays NEA and authorize the Board President to sign the agreement. The results of the ratification vote will be posted upon receipt.
f. Salary Increases for Classified and Administrative Employees (Not SEIU)
The Administration recommends that the Board approve 1.85% Salary increase for all Classified and Administrative employees, not SEIU.
g. Authorization for the Board President to Sign State of Kansas Health Insurance 3-year Agreement for Health Insurance
Upon the completion of negotiations with the SEIU, the Board must authorize the President to sign the 3-year agreement with the State of Kansas Health Insurance. This must be done prior to Oct. 1 or our insurance lapses on Jan. 1, 2014. This is a change from their previous procedure – notified by Jeanne Kelly of KDHEKS on 8-21-13 of this change.
h. KASB Policy Updates – 1st Reading
Sections F, G, I, J, K (including Emergency Safety Restraint (ESI) Restraint Board Policy Adoption required by KSDE (Mark Hauptman)
i. Review of Superintendent Search Firm Proposals
ii. HYA Executive Search
iii. KASB
iv. McPherson and Jacobson
v. Ray and Associates
j. Authorization for Board President to sign the Curriculum Director Contract
The Board has appointed Shanna Dinkel as Curriculum Director for the 2013-14 school year. The Board needs to authorize the Board President to sign the contract.
4. Other topics for discussion 5. ExecutiveSession
a. For matters relating to non-elected personnel
6. Adjournment

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  • Uncle Thomas

    Are students currently charged a fee? If so how much?

    • )@^!&”&

      Uncle Thomas!!! Where have you been? I have missed all your comments lately!!!

      • Uncle Thomas


    • Cal

      I’d rather pay a few than peddle tickets, Mary Kay, Thirty-one, jewelry, etc. However, knowing our board, we will be doing both. Remind me why we still call this “public school”?

  • Cal

    I’d rather pay a few than peddle tickets, Mary Kay, Thirty-one, jewelry, etc. However, knowing our board, we will be doing both. Remind me why we still call this “public school”?