Sheriff Receives Honor

In case you missed it,  Ellis County Sheriff Ed Harbin was recently named the winner of the Kansas Wives Behind the Badge – 2013 Community Hero Award.Harbin

The Kansas Wives Behind the Badge Auxiliary Chapter is dedicated to providing resources and emotional support to Kansas law enforcement families.


  • Uncle Thomas

    Seriously? What did he do?

  • american

    Well ,he’s done more then you ever did

    • Uncle Thomas

      Give me one objective accomplishment we can solely credit to the Ellis County Sheriff in the past six months. Here is a “nice guy” who shows up for work smiles, shakes hands… Is his department one of the top in the state? Has he implemented new programs to fight crime? What has his department done in the past 60 days which is unique or progressive?
      Can you name accomplishments of this elected public servant or his department?

  • Congrats

    He couldn’t find a missing Mexican girl in a snowstorm. Wait that’s things he didn’t do or things he didn’t even take seriously