Celebration of Chestnut Street District Gateway Marker

The Downtown Hays Development Corporation (DHDC) invites the commuinty to join them to honor the third Chestnut Street District Gateway Marker completion.Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 9.39.49 AM The marker is located at the corner of 17th and Main Street. The markers signify to pedestrians/drivers/visitors, that they are entering the historic Chestnut Street District.

The marker, along with the previous two, was constructed by local artist Pete Felten. Pete designed the gateway marker to resemble the stone structures that are present along Main Street and visible in and around Frontier Park so that they truly do tie into the heritage of the Hays community. “We are honored that Pete was able to design and construct these markers.” state DHDC Executive Director Traci Stanford “He is an icon of the Hays community and it has been a true blessing to get to know him throughout this process.”

The DHDC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster awareness and promote Downtown Hays as a vibrant center of commerce, recreation, arts, government and history that serves the people of Hays, the surrounding region and visitors from around the world. The DHDC will work to prevent the deterioration and enhance the viability of the community’s cultural centers, historical landmarks and public infrastructure important to the community’s economic and cultural well-being.
The Hays Area Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting will take place on Monday, September 9th at 4:30pm (Hays Car Care Parking Lot).

  • Steve

    What a disgrace! Count the empty buildings on Main St. alone; then think of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars used over 12 yrs. and this the results. The DHDC director was given a $1500.00 bonus last November for these results. Now they are celebrating with a ribbon cutting. SHAMEFUL!

    • Tim

      Commissioner Schwaller is the Treasurer & on the Board of DHDC. All of the funding of this agency comes from taxpayer dollars much of which is hidden the City budget under many different accounts such as Special Highway & Parks, Special Liquor & Wines and many others. I’ve never seen more than 5. In the last 2 months. It is amazing how HDN & Eagle prints this agency lies.

  • Uncle Thomas

    We celebrate and recognize everyone for everything…!

  • Bosch

    Celebrate a marker? How stupid. Downtown is dead. Give it up.

  • Pete

    Don’t you like seeing money fruitlessly spent? ugh!

  • Citizen McCain

    As Charlie Brown once said (All I got was a bag full of rocks!) What a waste.

  • JOHN

    Just got back from driving by Chestnuts celebration. About twenty-five people all Chamber, CVB, & DHDC members. Our Mayor, & some of our City Commissioners. All standing around a pile of rocks any mason could build.