Dog Park Phase 2 Fundraising Starts (VIDEO)

dog park throw us a boneProceeds from this weekend’s garage sale will kick-start Phase 2 fundraising for a dog park at the Bickle Schmidt Sports Complex in Hays.

The money for Phase 1, about $32,000, is in place, says Friends of the Hays Dog Park board member Laurie Mortinger:

Phase 1 will be the fencing for the small dogs 1 acre area, plus the road, parking lot, staging area, water lines, a message center, some seating, and signage. dog park map

Phase 2, estimated to cost $42,269, will be fencing for the larger dogs 5 acres area, more seating, signage, and another water station.

Phase 3 will be primarily shelters and seating.

Mortinger says all the fencing will be six-foot high and made with industrial grade materials.

The FHDP garage sale is open Saturday, 8a.m.-1p.m.,  in the south end of the Hays Mall.

The bargains will be even bigger than what they were Friday, says Mortinger.

“We’re going to have a ‘sack sale’ to help clear everything out.”


  • Snoop dawg

    Why do you feel it’s necessary to have a 6 ft fence!!? I’ve been to DOZENS of different dog parks and never saw anything higher than 4 foot fences, This is just overkill and totally unnecessary expense. Ridiculous waste of money.

    • some guy

      exactly, why a 6′ fence, unless one of the people starting the dog park is in the fencing business, then i can see it *sarcasm*

  • Dogie guy

    Better have someone monitoring the effluent water will be on the grass at the dog park. Dogs like to dig & will often eat grass and chew on items they dig up. May not be a safe place for Fido.

    • Noah Webster

      do·gie /ˈdōgē/

      noun: a motherless or neglected calf.

  • Berty

    Charge admission, not the taxpayer! This, like the bike path ( traffic slow down ) system, is a waste of our tax dollars.

    • some guy

      speeding to get where you are going is a bigger waste of money my friend, but you are probably against bicycles anyways

  • disgusted

    well if you seen his spokes person at workat the CAC ,and how she treats the people who need to shop there,i wouldn’t use her as a likely agree with the person who stated they know someone in construction which is reason for 6ft fence.She is beyond rude!!.ive seen them take in donation and go through hem and take what they w first and set it aside.sad situation for popl who need it,and tose taking advantage of it there swll as here.the dog park is a great idea.

    • some guy

      she is beyond rude is an understatement, i too have seen her yell at people for no reason, my wife and I cant stand her, i would be more than happy to vote for the dog park if they removed her from the CAC and from the dog park all together