Sound Off: Kansas Changes Requirement for receiving Food Stamps

In an effort to encourage employment over welfare dependency, the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) announced this week that it will allow a Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 6.06.48 AMfederal waiver that allowed adults ages 18 to 49 who are capable of working but who are not employed and who do not have dependent children to receive food assistance to expire.

Those individuals currently benefiting from the waiver will be required to meet a minimum work requirement or be enrolled in a federally-approved job training program.

Is this a good idea or not ?    Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.


  • 64Oz Drink

    Teach a man to hunt and he’ll shoot his lobbyist in the back.

  • Biggiesmalls

    If you are a healthy capable adult, and you are able to work you need to. I mean I had to collect benefits after losing my job, but I was able to work a lesser job than I had before until another job like my previous opened up. I say lesser because it was a huge cut in pay and hours, but I was making something. It makes you feel better to have a job instead of losing self worth by people handing you money to take care of yourself. Taking pride in making it is an awesome feeling, especially when you get on, or get back on your feet!

  • johnson

    work for a living and not suck off the system? sounds good to me

  • Productive citizen

    It is a start, but I think there need to more restrictions. Just because you have children, you should not be exempt from the showing proof that you are looking for work. I also feel there should be a time limit as to how long you can collect food stamps. If you are unable to work, then there are disability programs that cover those circumstances.

  • Fed-up

    This is a start. I just wish the system could monitor lifestyles of some of these younger food stamp recipients. Cell phones, not just basic, but smartphones in their pockets…nails done regularly… purse….tattoos….living the life with no worries BECAUSE the government will take care of me. Screen children, why not these suckers who milk it for all they can. Lazy in not an excuse….think of the example they are living out for their children. A system abused and a system that needs fixed, because we are all paying for their despicable way of life.

    • corral

      i totally agree! you forgot to mention the 300+ pounders that walk out of Dillon’s loaded with bags of cookies, pop, chips, candy and whatever else they can cart out using food stamps. get in their vehicle and light up a cig. it may be a small percentage doing it but that’s what bites me. go get a job and quit being a slob. do something productive in life besides teaching your kids this lifestyle.