Local Man Arrested for Worthless Checks

Richard Hubbard Jr.

Richard Hubbard Jr.

The Hays Police Department has made an arrest in connection with multiple crimes in Hays.

Lt. Brandon Wright of the Hays Police Department told Hays Post that 39-year-old Richard Eugene Hubbard Jr. has been arrested for six counts of theft by deception for giving worthless checks at a retailer in the 3300 block of Vine St.

Wright says that additional information gathered at the time of arrest warranted eight additional cases to be opened against Hubbard.

Wright was not able to discuss the nature of those additional cases as they are under investigation, but he did say that additional charges could be added at a later date.

  • Rocket Science

    Who takes a check form someone that looks like this?

    • Darwin

      One of the ones on the 3300 block of Vine Street :)

    • taikan_lawks@yahoo.com

      What does it matter what a person looks like? There are very professional looking/dressed well etc.
      people that commit fraudulent crimes every day. What is your point exactly ROCKET SCIENCE ? How about you write something worth reading.

  • Darwin

    He’s just taking after the government writing checks with money he doesn’t have!!

  • Biggiesmalls

    Did Meatloaf change his name?

  • dont.narc.me.out.either.

    U are a judgmental price of garbage…

  • gskeers

    you know many of these businesses have machines that checks to see if your check is good before they take it