Kansas childhood poverty group releases report

(AP) — A panel appointed by Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is recommending several strategies for reducing childhood poverty, including strengthening marriages, brownbackimproving educational opportunities and reforming welfare-to-work programs.

The Governor’s Task Force on Reducing Childhood Poverty released its report Friday, calling its recommendations a starting point for policy makers.

The report urges more targeted use of public funds to reduce high school dropout rates, help low-income residents get off government assistance and provide counseling to couples before marriage.

Task force members noted the recommendations follow traditional strategies for reducing childhood poverty. They said federal and state government efforts have historically been unsuccessful.

The Republican governor created the task force in November 2012. It was chaired by Phyllis Gilmore, secretary of the state Department for Children and Families.


  • patti

    yes things need to change but I think as a single parent who was on assistance, theres others areas to focus on.all the child support in the world cant help the emotional damage done by an absent parent.i would gladly take that emotional support and struggle every day, then to raise my granddaughter without both her parents.i did it for mine but want so much more for this little girl.these parents who go out and keep making babies, and not be emotionally supportive, need to be stopped.sterilization seems like an option to me for those on assistance after 2 , no matter the age, and for the absent parents who aren’t there for their children.hell fine them and throw their sorry butts in jail.force them into parenting classes, but lord do something

  • Time to Step Up

    In this day and age, based on the examples I have seen, I strive to be more like homosexual parents rather than heterosexual parents. Not to stir the pot, but strengthening marriage does not seem to be the answer. I would be all for strengthening accountability on absent parents though. Too many dead beats out there (men and women alike.)

  • guest

    Theses douchebags are so out of touch with reality… I think it would be better served to take the advice of those who have actually been in such an unfortunate position.. Patti and time to step up obviously have more of a grasp on reality than Brownbutt and his paid cronies..