Fuel Theft on the Increase? UPDATE

7p.m. According to officials with Caseys, the driver did ultimately agree to make a credit card payment for the fuel by phone.   The transaction was appproximately $50.

1:40 p.m.  An Ellis police officer was able to contact the driver involved in the Friday fuel theft. The vehicle was 20 minutes west of Oakley, driving to a Colorado destination, and refused to turn around to pay for the fuel.  Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and Check Hays Post for more  information as it becomes available.


12:55 p.m.    Gas skips are not uncommon. We don’t have official numbers, but there have been several recent reports of  customers in the region who fill their vehicles with fuel and “forget” to pay.

Area law enforcement authorities are searching for a driver KHP-Patchinvolved in a Friday afternoon fuel theft from Casey in Ellis.

Staff at Caseys told Hays Post the vehicle, driven by a white female, was a dark colored Mini Van with California license plate 6ZMZ728.

The van was reported to have driven toward I-70. However, there was no confirmation the vehicle took the Interstate.


  • Cousin Johhny

    I wonder why the KHP didn’t just pull them over and arrest them?

  • Curious

    So, police now give drive-offs the option of turning around and voluntarily paying, if they want to? No arrest? Ellis officer two counties over? Something is missing from this story…

    • It’s true

      That’s because 9/10 times they just forgot to pay and it was a mistake. Obviously this one wasn’t if they refused to return and pay.

  • delmar

    first off if you have the means to contact this person and you know their location call the highway patrol and get them arrested!! also which gas store lets you fill gas before paying? really. you’re asking for trouble. all the ones i go too either require a credit card payment at the pump or you go inside and pre-pay first before filling. casey’s should have modern pumps to require this. am i wrong on this?

  • 228

    I once forgot to pay after filling up, Since I am a regular there they just called me and I told them to write it down and I will be in to pay once I got back to town. And being a regular they still turn on the pump for me without having to pay first.

  • ugh

    This does not make sense…. in 2003 I myself was arrested for forgetting to pay 12dollars and even though I had well over 500dollars and went back to the location to pay I was arrested for it along with my sister and my daughter was taken into srs custody … I guess they pick and choose…only in hays America …

  • Cousin Johhny

    Casey’s has a corporate policy that does not make you pay at the pump. I few years ago the manager of the Ellis Casey’s, along with the police chief went to the city counsel and tried to get them to pass a ordinance making all stations in Ellis pre-pay or pay at the pump since Casey’s would not put the policy in place but the Counsel at the time declined to act on that.
    In the case of Casey’s the worker actually gets punished if someone skips out on paying for gas, which seems a bit ridiculous as well!

    • gskeers

      well that ain’t fair it’s a stupid policy