KDOT: Wait for the Pilot Car on US 183 Bypass

The road construction project to resurface the U.S. 183 Bypass in Hays is expected to continue through mid September, and KDOT is urging motorists to obey the

A pilot car is being used during  KDOT work on the US 183 Bypass in Hays

A pilot car is being used during KDOT work on the US 183 Bypass in Hays

traffic signs associated with the work zone.
“We really need all drivers approaching U.S. 183 from the side roads to stop when the “Wait for pilot car” signing is in place in the construction zone until the vehicle displaying the “Pilot Car, Follow Me” passes the drivers’ intended direction of travel,” explains KDOT Construction Engineer Nick Rogers.
“We simply need all drivers to wait for the pilot car for their own safety, as well as the safety of those workers within the construction zone.” The five mile job began at the U.S. 183 junction within the south city limits of Hays and continues north to the I-70 junction.
The scope includes a partial mill and 1 ½-inch overlay of new asphalt material.
During construction flaggers and a pilot car operation will guide one-lane traffic through the work zone during daylight hours. Delays of 15 minutes or less should be expected.

  • Tshock

    I sat there for 26 minutes yesterday on 41st street. I’m not complaining (too much) but just informing people that waits longer than 15 minutes are possible so plan accordingly.

  • Hays driver

    I sat at the pilot car intersection on 27th street for quite some time and considered going anyway as no pilot car anywhere in sight. Eventually it did show up. On an unrelated note, why in the world did they tear up 13th street for miles and leave it sit ???? I feel when a project is started, get it done. Why start 10 projects and make a big mess everywhere. If there’s a reason, would be nice to know what the wait is on getting it done.

    • town

      I am curious about 13th Street as well; it has been tore up for a while with no indication of being worked on further. Also,I sat on 183 waiting for the pilot car for over 20 minutes yesterday. Not impressed by either situation.

  • Hmmmmmmm

    When Vine street was getting done and there were NO LEFT TURN signs in place, did people obey? Heck no, they made left turns so why would they wait on a pilot car. It’s getting to hot to work on 13th street, have to wait for a cool down. Just my 2 cents.