Free Block Party for Hays Community

Cross Point Church in Hays is hosting their 4th annual Block Party.  All members of the community are welcome to attend the free event, which includes games, live music and food.  Cross Point Campus Pastor Micah Sanderson told Hays Post that the intent of the block party is for the church to give back to the community.  Some of the things people can look forward to this year:

4th Annual Cross Point block part Handouts

  • Free food (pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks)
  • Inflatables
  • Blue Sky Miniature Horse farm will bring horses
  • Fire Department’s firesafe house
  • Police Department’s DARE car
  • RPM / Teel’s Trucks pace car
  • Drag strip car to look at / sit in
  • Junkfood walk for kids to win junk food
  • Cross Point Band playing live music
  • Hess crane will have a large crane
  • SnowCone express serving snow cones
  • Drawings for multiple prizes

Sanderson said that last year there were about 750 people in attendance, and this year they are prepared for up to 1000 community members. He reiterated that there is no cost to enjoy any of the events, food or prizes.

“The way we word it is ‘our opportunity to tithe back to the community.’  We just want to give back to our community for what it does for us as a church.  We encourage our volunteers to not register for any of the prizes so that the community can have the opportunity to win them.”

There’s no need to register for the event in advance.  Everyone can show up the day of the party.  People will be asked to give their name when they arrive so they can be entered into the drawing for the prizes.  Last year, there were over $3,500 worth of prizes including the grand prize, a 50” TV.  Though this year’s grand prize is to remain a mystery until the event, Sanderson said that everyone is going to want to register for a chance to win either the grand prize or one of the many smaller ones.

The free Block Party is on Saturday September 14th at Hays Municipal Park (where Wild West Fest is held).  The event begins at 5pm, the grand prize drawing is at 7pm.

Below are pictures from the 2012 Block Party.