Ellis County Meth Bust

Ellis County Law Enforcement officers have seized over 2.5 pounds of Crystal Methamphetamines as part of a drug bust in Hays and Ellis.meth-bust

According to the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, members of the Ellis County Drug Enforcement Unit, the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department, Ellis Police Department and Hays Police executed four search warrants at two residences in Hays and two in Ellis Thursday.

The warrants were an extension of an ongoing narcotics trafficking investigation which yielding the arrest of a 46 year old woman and three men ages 25, 39 and 39.

The suspects were booked into the Ellis County jail with charges pending upon completion of the investigation. In addition to the meth, officers seized drug paraphernalia and an undisclosed amount of cash.


    What, no names?
    Must be some of those HIGH PROFILE bigwig names.

    • Chris

      You must be one of those conspiracy theorist NUT JOBS?!

  • hmmm

    or the investigation isn’t complete so it isn’t public record yet

  • Me

    Not high profile

  • Ddl

    Two of the names are on the arrest logs for 8/12/13, they look like they are on meth along with meth charges…

    • )@^!&”&

      How do you know this? This article posts the ages of the people that were arrested and no one on the arrest log for 8/12/13 are any of those ages?

  • Me

    Seen one arrested and know of the other

  • Me

    I know 2 of the ones in Ellis are not bigwigs


    Street value on a pound of meth is roughly $45000 in Hays Ks. So times that by 2.5 and you have about $112,000 street value. cant wait to see how much cash was seized I bet its huge. Of course this is a record meth bust wonder why its not getting more press. Thats not a small amount of dope to be taking off the street. I bet the Hays and Ellis PD and sheriffs dept haven’t seized that much in the last 5 years combined much less at 1 time.

    • Whoa yourself

      slow down, turbo. At $100/g you’re looking at $11,200/pound.

      • )@^!&”&

        Whoa yourself— obviously you can’t do math. If there are 28g in an ounce that makes 448g in a pound take that and multiply that by $100 and you get $44,800 for a pound and then multiply that by 2.5 because 2.5 pounds was seized then you get $112,000. Hope you aren’t a banker or a dealer….because you are getting ripped off!!!

  • dont.narc.me.out.

    They were actually all pretty productive members of society and had jobs ex rpt for the young one.. by first glance I think none of them looked to bad.. just some old schoolers who got greedy. They all done there prison time when they were younger. Years of it. It actually makes me sad. Fuck the poltice and especially fuck those Snitchin motherfuckers. There’s about to be a side of hays that no one has seen in a long time. Hide ya kid hide ya wife people are gunna be getting snatched up. Hahaha

  • Busted

    Karen R. Knoll, 46, Ellis; Ricky L. McBee, 39, Hays; Nathaniel B. Ward, 25, Hays; and Rick Grecian, 39, Ellis.

    Rick has done hard time for drugs already. He will be going away for a LONNNNG time.

    • )@^!&”&

      Rick McBee are you serious?!?! He just got off of parole!!

    • my P.O.V

      I looked everywhere but can’t find any police log that states the names of the 4 arrested! My question is how do u know all th ppl busted?

      • Busted

        Apparently your definition of “everywhere” doesn’t include the local newspaper.

  • my P.O.V

    I know 2 of them pretty good and will stand up for the ppl I care about. yes they made bad choices but many ppl do! I know if you made a mistake then u would not want ppl going around making u out to be some huge monster when in truth u made bad choices and have to deal with the consequences!

    • Chris

      Bad choices? There are bad choices, and then there is producing/selling meth…

  • Me

    And I think these bad choices keep happening over and over.