Huelskamp: Employment over Welfare Dependency

Today, Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS-01) praised Governor Sam Brownback and Kansas Department for Children & Families Secretary Phyllis Gilmore for their huelskampdecision to allow a federal waiver of the “work requirement for food stamps” to expire on September 30th.

Rep. Huelskamp made the following statement:

“Adults who aren’t disabled and have no dependents should not get food stamps unless they’re working, looking for work, being trained for work, or performing volunteer work. I applaud Governor Brownback and Secretary Gilmore for refusing to accept President Obama’s waiver of the federal work requirements and promoting employment over welfare dependency.”

Huelskamp continued: “In Congress, I’ve led the effort to enact and enforce similar workfare requirements in all 50 states. I introduced both the bill and the Farm Bill amendment that would implement common sense work requirements. As a nation, we must rein in out-of-control spending. Implementing these reforms will help get us back on track to reducing our deficits and promote paychecks over welfare checks.”

  • Suzie Q

    I wish food stamps could be used for daycare. There are lots of parents who would work if they could afford a decent place to provide daycare. For many, it is a better financial move to collect from the govt. and stay at home than work.