GOP Response to the Kansas Democratic Party’s Rant Against Tim Huelskamp

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We were surprised that the Hays Post would print the emotional tirade by the Kansas Democratic Party, devoid of facts, but full of derogatory conclusions seeking to name “worst Kansas politician.”
For starters, as even a casual observer would understand, the worst politician is the one who loses the election. To argue otherwise is merely whining about the voters’ choice. Given that the Kansas Democrats are 0-6 for federal elections and 0-6 for state wide office, rejected by the people, they are not faring too well, thus the bitterness.
So let’s review facts.
They accuse Governor Brownback of using a law that gives “him unilateral power to appoint judges.” Really? The law states the Governor nominates, the Senate confirms. No one has unilateral appointment power.
As to the cronyism charge leveled at Caleb Stegall – no less that Stephen Six, former democrat attorney general, described him as a “deep thinker, a scholar of the Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 4.12.34 PMlaw,’ ‘highly principled, ethical,’ ‘always prepared and diligent’ and someone who ‘would make a terrific addition’ to the court”.
Next they accuse Secretary of State Kris Kobach of starting “another wasteful lawsuit” – but Kansas is merely following the course of action specified by the U.S. Supreme Court to enforce state law. The legislature overwhelmingly passed the law, Secretary Kobach and Attorney General Schmidt are just enforcing it.
Last, the Democrats reserve special hatred for Tim Huelskamp, the District’s Congressman, personally attacking his character. But they characteristically provide no facts to back up their baseless claims.
As to Obamacare- a program that has cost American jobs, has forced many workers to be reduced from full-time to part-time, has increased health insurance costs and will massively increase Washington’s already huge debt; a program that not even the 86,000 HHS employees can explain; a program that gives an abusive IRS power to enforce; and a program where Obama has already missed more than half of his own 82 timelines — who would not advise people to seek other better options?
As Congressman Huelskamp has made clear: until President Obama himself, and his family, and his entire White House, and every member of Congress, and every other federal employee is required to participate in ObamaCare, no other American should be forced to either.
But let’s see what the people of the First District think- according to the official records Tim Huelskamp won all 211,337 votes cast in the 2012 election. That’s 100.0 % of the vote. That’s a winner.

Clay Barker

Executive Director, Kansas Republican Party
  • Yahooserious

    Hahaha. He didn’t run against anyone in 2012. No surprise he got 100% of the vote. I bet tim wrote this. I’d call myself a winner too if I ran a 2 mile race but was the ONLY racer. I see through your twisted facts, Timmy.

    • True True

      HAHA, Well said.