Police: Safe Bicycle Riding Tips

Officer Jason Bonczynski, Coordinator for the Hays Police Department Bike Patrol, spoke at the City of OFFICER JASON BONCZYNSKIHays’ press conference this morning. Bonczynski wanted to remind the public that school is back in session and there are a lot of children riding to and from school. He also shared some common safety tips for riding a bicycle that should be followed by both children and adults.

  • Wear a properly fitting helmet.
  • Adjust the bicycle properly for that specific rider.
  • The seat should be level, and seat height should allow for a slight bend in the knee when fully extended.
  • Handlebar height should be the same level as the seat.
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated and brakes are working properly
  • See and be seen: wear bright colors, perhaps reflective/fluorescent
  • Ride in a safe manner, have at least one hand on the handlebars.
  • Carry books and other goods in a backpack or satchel.
  • Watch and avoid road hazards such as broken glass, potholes, animals, etc.
  • Avoid riding at night, if you hav3e to put a light on the front and red reflectors on the back (law requirement)
  • Ride with the flow of traffic, not against it
  • Obey all traffic laws, signs and lane markings
  • Ride in a straight line
  • Stay alert; use your eyes and ears
  • Don’t wear headphones
  • Lock your bike up when not in use to reduce chances of theft.

Office Bonczynski also clarified a local law in response to a question: The city of Hays does allow for bicycle riders to ride on the sidewalk everywhere in town except for the downtown area.

Bicycles can be registered at the Hays Police Department.

  • some guy

    the height of the bike should be 1 1/2 inches from the top frame tube to the crotch, and in the case of a “girls” bike ( with no top frame tube) use a broom stick from the headset (where the handle bars go into the frame) to the seat.

  • haysrider

    Thank you for sharing this information. I am an avid cyclist and always cringe when I see riders without helmets or riding against traffic. I would like to suggest that motorists move over and give cyclists plenty of room when passing. Cyclists have right lane right-of-way and should be passed as if passing a slow-moving vehicle.

    • some guy

      nice dream, but as you know that will never happen, car drivers think that they own the road, and a cyclist is just a hindrance, i don’t own a car, because i save a lot of money by not having one, so cycling is my only means of transportation, in saying that you and i both know that auto drivers will never give us the right of way

      • herding_turtles

        I drive a car. It is not feasible for me to have a bicycle as my only mode of transportation. You bet it’s a hindrance to me if you (not you specifically) are meandering along the narrow residential streets. I left my house in an automobile. Had I planned to ride my bicycle, or ride at bicycle speed, I would have left my house earlier. Get your behind and your bicycle onto the sidewalk. That being said, I am always careful when driving by bicyclists or pedestrians, etc. because although I may be majorly irritated and cursing under my breath I would never let that irritation intentionally hurt a person.

        • Chris

          I’m pretty sure that bikes are not supposed to be on sidewalks. I know it is a law in some states, couldn’t find Kansas information though.

          • herding_turtles

            from above:
            Office Bonczynski also clarified a local law in response to a question: The city of Hays does allow for bicycle riders to ride on the sidewalk everywhere in town except for the downtown area
            The way the streets are set up, it just isn’t bicycle friendly. When streets aren’t even wide enough for parking on both sides and to have traffic, how can you safely add in a person on a bicycle?

          • some guy

            its a city ordinance you will have to call HPD to see if hays has one

      • dangerous

        I am happy to share the road with cyclists I just wish they would follow the rules of the road the same way a car is required to. I live on a narrow paved county road with no shoulders, hills and steep drop offs on both sides of the road. I understand why cyclists would enjoy this road but every cycling season I am terrified there is an accident just waiting to happen. I cannot tell you how many NEAR accidents I have seen on this road. All I’m saying is maybe cyclists should consider EVERYONE’S safety when choosing a route.

  • stonedigger

    I wish that guy that rides around town right in the middle of the driving lane at 1 mph would at least either speed up or move onto the sidewalk. He is going to cause an accident one of these days.