Search for Teens at State Park UPDATE

8:30 p.m.    It is a busy Labor Day weekend at Webster State Park.  Four teenagers, who had not been heard from in several hours Sunday afternoon and evening added to the excitement.  Mark Billinger with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks told Hays Post the teens were located  just before 8 p.m. They were safe.

“A concerned mother contacted authorities when she hadn’t heard from the kids,” said Billinger.  The Rooks County Emergency Response Team and the Kansas Highway Patrol assisted with the search.  “I didn’t  even ask where they were from,” he said. “We were just glad everyone was safe.”

Despite Sunday’s search, “It’s a very nice family weekend at the park. The utility campground is almost 100% full and there are many others enjoying the holiday weekend here,” he said.

7:15 p.m. Rooks County law enforcement and additional emergency responders are at Webster State Park attempting to find four teenagers ages 12-14.  Officials report they are

Webster State Park Rooks County

Webster State Park
Rooks County

looking for one white female, one black female, and two white males. Stockton authorities have sent authorities to the west Rock Point area and to the area near the old marina at the lake.

Few additional details are currently available. Stay tuned to Eagle Radio and Check Hays Post for more information as it becomes available.

  • gskeers

    what these kids don’t have a cell phone in case they need to be contacted? sheeesh lol