Local Head Start Program Hurt by Federal Cuts

The Kansas Head Start Association says more than 400 fewer children will be able to take part in Head Start programs in Kansas because of the recent mandatory



federal budget cuts.
Mrs. Donna Hudson-Hamilton, Early Childhood Connections Director, told Hays Post those federal cuts had a local impact.

“The sequestration cuts impacted this school year.  For our program, we had to cut services to nine children/families, eliminated partnerships with other programs, and reduction or transfer of positions in staff.  We tried to absorb the cut through attrition of staff but did have to release a support staff member and reduce hours for others.”
Before the federal budget cuts took effect earlier this year, Kansas Head Start programs had more than 9,000 slots for children from low-income families.  The programs are designed to combat poverty by offering preschool education, improving early-childhood nutrition and well-being, and encouraging parental involvement.

The federal cuts took more than 5 percent from Head Start budgets this year. The Kansas Head Start Association says that leaves Kansas with 440 fewer Head Start and Early Head Start slots.

  • Uncle Thomas

    “The sequestration cuts impacted this school year. For our program, we had to cut services to nine children/families, eliminated partnerships with other programs, and reduction or transfer of positions in staff.”—seriously?
    Look at each expenditure, look at your overhead, focus on the child not the administration and locally the program could have been unchanged. Did you speak personally one on one with each of your teachers? The director could use a few simple lessons in leadership. Hiding behind a desk and in ones office is not leadership.

    • duh

      Are you serious? I don’t think ive ever actually seen Donna behind her desk. She is very hands on with the staff as well as the children. You could use a few simple lessons in common sense. I don’t think you get what Head Start is or how it works. It’s not like she can just move around money any way she wants, it’s a govt funded program.

      • Chris

        It’s just Uncle Thomas and his righteous attitude trolling again

  • JR

    I will have you know, that the Head Start Director just won the national director of the year. She is excellent at balancing not only her staffs needs but the monies she has to work with..

    • Uncle Thomas

      Yes I am quite aware she is good at the political rhetoric…”national director of the year”. Has she been rated by her subordinates who quite frequently don’t see her or speak to her? She has messengers which put their twist on the message. Frankly their are a few of the messengers who are only interested in the rumor mill. Local cuts could have been made by a wise person and the “gloom and doom” would not need to exist.

      • Former Head Star employee

        Have you ever worked for Head Start? How do you know how often they see her? When I worked for her I saw her a number of time throughout the week and she was always available to meet with staff members.

        • Uncle Thomas

          Ok…you win!
          Mine is only hearsay. I spoke to three current teachers and two para’s this year. They tell me she is too busy to speak to the them and they must go through an office assistant who is only interested in rumors and control.

          • Sad little boy

            Rumors, or “hearsay” to use your words, are what you are posting as facts? I always feel sorry for those who treat unsubstantiated gossip as fuel for drama. It speaks volumes of your character.

          • Uncle Thomas

            Thank you for falling for it! Is what I explained hearsay? Is it double hearsay? You have criticized me and don’t even understand the definition of what the word means…Sad Sad Little Boy!

          • Can’t argue with stupid








            I am pretty sure I know what the word means, as do you, “Mine is only hearsay.” If only your logic was a keen as your vocabulary.
            FYI: Hearsay is what you heard, it became “double hearsay” when it was posted here.

          • JR

            I would ask if they have actually tried to talk to her, because if you want to talk to her, it will happen. Sounds as though we have some disgruntled teachers or paras. (according to your talking to them) And the office Asst. rocks. You need to know something, that’s who you go to.

          • Uncle Thomas

            Yep if you want to know anything in the district…rumors and gossip wise go to the Office Asst. at Connections.