Kobach: Voter check program Expands

(AP) — Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says Nevada has joined a program in which states compare voter registration records annually, bringing the number kobachparticipating to 25.

The Voter Registration Crosscheck Program is designed to identify people who are registered in two or more states and people who cast ballots in more than one state. Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska launched it in 2005, and it’s been expanding since.

Kobach and Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller jointly announced Nevada’s participation Thursday.

The four original states had about 9 million registration records. With Nevada, there will be more than 90 million voter registration records in the program’s database in 2014.

  • One and done

    Can you say narcissist?

  • Yahooserious

    It’s all about voter registration. Keep the poor and minorities out of the voting pool. That way they get re-elected. Same thing they do with redistricting.

    Why does gov. Function this way? This guy is such a schmuck. Fits in well with his boss.

    • GBR

      How in is this keeping anyone, including poor and minorities, from voting? Looks like a good program to me.

      • Yahooserious
        • GBR

          What’s so hard about producing a birth certificate, passport, etc? If you’re not competent enough to keep track of these important documents, you probably shouldn’t be voting anyway. It all seems perfectly reasonable to me.

          • Yahooserious

            Huffington post isn’t creditable? Notice the article was written by an AP reporter, huffington post just published it is all. Check your references. AP is about as balanced as you’ll find in this “entertainment” -opinion-news business these days. Your saying people have never lost documents? House fire, a bitter divorce, ect ect. If u think an 80 year old woman can wait years for the red tape of obtaining a new brith certificate your out of your mind. Case in point. I adopted a son years ago. Now he needs his birth certificate for his drivers license. The red tape in Nevada I’ve had to go through for a name change on a birth certificate is beyond imagining. He may get to drive when he’s 30.
            Just because your parents kept track off ALL your things for you doesn’t mean all parents did. You don’t know these people’s situations so don’t claim it’s a simple process. Every try getting a discharge paper from the military? Good freakin luck.

            The fact that 15000 are in limbo is proof. It’s not a question of the accuracy of the number. It’s true. Research it. 15000 votes can trow an election. 200 or so frauds in 15 years will hardly do that. Just cause it sounds like a good idea doesn’t mean it is.

          • Cousin Johhny

            Millions of people drive drunk everyday yet only a fraction of those are caught and convicted. Millions of people do not wear there seat belt yet only a fraction of those are caught and convicted. Who knows how many people vote illegally, its almost impossible to catch them unless you require a ID to verify they are who they say they are.
            If you don’t need a ID to vote then they should do away with ID to enter a government building, to open a bank account…..to do all the other things that require a ID
            Where has all the common sense gone? Where are the facts that only people without ID vote for Democrats?

        • Cousin Johhny

          The huffingtonpost is not a credible reference…..come on already!!!
          I want my vote protected…..I can’t believe some many people don’t!!

    • Darwin

      Are you serious? This does not keep people from voting. This keeps people from voting twice. It is called checks and balances. Voter fraud does exist and it is a problem. And nice try quoting the huffington post Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and form your own opinions other than what you have been told.

      • Yahooserious

        Your an idiot. It was written by an AP (associated press). I’m sure your lacking in acronym knowledge. AP does the grunt reporting. News papers and tv shows just voice THEIR opinion on issues. Take the LSD out of ur kook-aid bro.