KFIX Rock News: Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty Retires

nazadanUNDATED (AP) – Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty is taking an unplanned retirement.

A posting on the band’s website states McCafferty suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and he’s forced to retire for his health.

McCafferty tried to perform at a festival in Switzerland last weekend and could barely make it through three songs.

He told the band in the dressing room he could not go on any longer.

The singer denied earlier reports that he had suffered a stroke, saying, “That’s completely untrue — thank goodness and touch wood,” adding, “I’m not in hospital in Switzerland at all.”

He added, “If you can’t do the job you shouldn’t be there — Nazareth’s too big for that.”

Nazareth had called off their recent tour of Canada because McCafferty suffered a burst stomach ulcer.

McCafferty tells Classic Rock magazine he hopes Nazareth gets a new singer and he still may be able to do studio work.

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