Census reveals new data on Uninsured in Kansas

(AP) — U.S. Census Bureau data shows the number of Kansans without insurance declined in 2011.insurance

Nearly 349,000 Kansans under age 65 were uninsured in 2011, which is about 14.4 percent of the state’s population. That compares with about 380,500 people who were uninsured in 2010, or about 15.8 percent of the Kansas population.

Compared with the percentage of uninsured under 65 in other states, Kansas is in the middle at 22nd lowest in the nation.

Johnson County, in suburban Kansas City, had the lowest uninsured rate in the state at 9.9 percent. Southwest Kansas counties tended to have higher percentages of uninsured.

The lowest number and rate of uninsured in Kansas in the last six years of data was in 2008, with about 305,000 uninsured.


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