Kansas Driving the Arts

State of Arts PlateKansas will be “Driving the Arts” forward with a specially designed license plate to support the creative arts in the state. The Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission on Friday unveiled the Driving the Arts campaign to raise at least $100,000 per year to support arts programming by the commission.

The goal of the campaign is to sign up at least 2,000 people for the plates by April 1, 2014.

“The license plate is a great way for Kansans to proudly display their support for the arts every time they get in their vehicles,” said Lana Gordon, CAIC chairwoman and Kansas labor secretary. “I’m excited to see these license plates around the state. It will be a great sign of the support and positive impact that the arts have on our economy and our state.”

To reserve an arts license plate, go to KansasCommerce.com/ArtsPlate and fill out a short form.

The annual fee for each plate is $50, and 100 percent of the revenue generated from sales of the plate will be used by the CAIC to fund arts programs in Kansas. The fee will not be charged until plates are ready for pickup at local county treasurer’s offices.

The plates will go into production once 500 have been reserved.

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