Sound OFF: Military Action in Syria? What should the President do?

News organizations around the world are reporting that the United States could launch an attack on Syria as early as Thursday.obama.jpg

Senator Pat Roberts said Tuesday that military action needs to be forceful enough to tip the balance of fighting against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces.

The Kansas senator said he doesn’t “see any way out of” using military force, but he acknowledged that Americans are war-weary after conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What do you think? Should the United States get involved?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • bosco

    Gosh Sen. Roberts. Spoke like a true politician. Just like Jerry Moran. Speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

  • Will

    So our main 2 enemies are killing each other and bho wants to start WWIII over it? I say it’s time we quit being the planets police, let nato handle it, and allah can sort them out!

    • Chris

      How would this start world war 3? Please enlighten us on your extensive knowledge of history, military conflicts, and foreign relations. Also, please show us how to reach the level of in-humaneness where you can say “oh children are dying horrible deaths from chemical weapons? Eh, we’ve done enough, let someone else deal with it.”

      • Will

        Let nato do their job Chris and take a listen to Russia and China. Speaking of history look up how long these people have been murdering each other & when outsiders intrude they team back up to fight the very ones trying to help… The Army is looking for a few good ppl if you want to go help by the way.

        • Chris

          The army will have nothing to do with this event. It will be the navy and Tomahawk missles. Listen to Russia and China? LMAO..they are probably looking for a few good people if you want to listen to them.

          • Will

            Keep drinkin the kool-aid Chris. We better take Putin’s promise of retaliation very seriously as unlike our leader he follows through… If we send in missiles, Marine boots won’t be far behind.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        I think he is refering to Russia warning us not to go in. Which I dont think we should do. But if Obama does get us in this mess, I hope he has a plan with the aftermath. Also he needs to get approval from congress.

    • Wrong.

      Bho is the one who DOESN’T want to. The war-loving Republicans are pressuring him to attack Assad.

  • marcus

    bad things only happen to bad people. if jesus wants those people chemical bombed then who is obama to question that?

    • papasmurf

      “bad things only happen to bad people” really dude. are you serious. So let me get this straight, when a crazy man kidnaps a 10 year old little girl, rapes her and kills her she deserved it cause she was a bad person…. get your logic straight. And jesus dosent want kids killed, He gives people a choice, to be bad or be good.

      • marcus

        jesus is omnipotent and all powerful. so he knows everything that will happen before it does. if he chooses not to stop it that means he wanted it to happen (or that he is just a d!ck). duh

        • Chris

          I see where you are going Marcus, you just aren’t very tactful about it. Marcus is trying to say:

          If god is loving/all powerful/omnipotent, then why would he allow this to happen? Why would he ‘answer’ someone’s prayers, and let an innocent child suffer? Marcus is trying to talk about the illogicality of religion, which is a big reason that wars happen in the first place.

          • Free Thinker

            Marcus doesn’t need to be tactful to be correct.

          • Chris

            I didn’t say he wasn’t correct. I absolutely agree with him, there was just a better way to say it. Sarcasm on a message board does not work well.

          • Aaron

            This is God’s creation and he can do with it what he wants. Mankind was built for eternity, and perhaps God wants these children in heaven.
            The clay cannot tell the potter how to operate.
            Bad things happen due to the presence of SIN in this world. God did not attend for it to be like this but mankind chose otherwise.
            The illogicality of religion, give me a break! I suppose that you beleive we are a cosmic accident, which came from a rock, it exploded, and somehow eventually turned into what you see in the mirror every morning, with no hope or purpose for living.
            The reason for the many problems in our country is that it has turned secular. We now live in an unchurched society, with no thought about wrong or right, if it feels good than do it.

          • jack

            yeah like organized religion has done such a great job. catholic church hiding pedophiles is one example. mega church ministers robbing their congregations checkbook. and the list goes on.

          • Free Thinker

            It is frightening for many to come to the realization that gods are fairy-tales, the truth is often scary. Humanity is a cosmic accident. Look within yourself and your loved ones for purpose, not some misguided control machine.

    • johnson

      say what? go ahead and chemical burn innocent children?? marcus–you’re an idiot.

  • hmmmm

    I come from a military background, but I am really tired of our presidents sticking our nose into other peoples buisness. It is horrible that the children are being hurt and killed over there, but think of the hurt that our own American children are going to have when they get word that their dad or mom is going over there, and may not come back. Or if they get that dreaded knock on the door from military personal saying I am sorry but…… I say let them fight it out, and if they threaten us or make aggressive moves toward us than we protect our land, but lets not go over there, and tear them down just so we can give them money to rebuild.

  • Deena Kay Speier

    I know that another war is for sure not what the US needs to be involved in, but you have to think of how long these people have been suffering. My brother inlaw is active army and I know how hard it is for the military.

  • Free Thinker

    This country sould stay out of the Syrian conflict. It’s not our business. Let someone else muck around in the sand for a change.

    • Chris

      Who do you trust to do this besides us? The Russians? The Chinese? Don’t think that they wouldn’t have ulterior motives. Being the ‘world’ police isn’t just about protecting other people, it is also about protecting our own interests, even though those interests may be hard to see in the immediate present.

      • Tired

        Chris, the U.S. used to be the last person to enter the fight because it wasn’t any of our business and tried to stay out of it, reference when we entered the fight to both world wars. However since we have started to adopt this “because we can” attitude we stick our nose in places that we have no business being and trying to fight a fight that is not ours and cannot be won by simple diplomacy. We do need to protect our own interests but we need to start at home. The only way to build up is to start with a strong foundation.

      • Free Thinker

        Well Chris, if you feel that strongly
        about it, head down to the recruiter and enlist. I’m sure
        you will have a fantastic time in a combat zone just like so many of my fellow
        vets have. Our strategic interests in
        Syria are not worth American lives.

        • Chris

          No boots on the ground in Syria. Did you not read this? This isn’t a combat zone. This is flexing muscle in order to prevent a bigger future problem.

          • Free Thinker

            It always starts with no boots on the ground. Our “muscle flexing” routine is tiresome. This nation, and it’s service members, need a damn break. Let France handle this one.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        Well Chris if your so gung ho to get over there, why dont you join the military then.

        • Chris

          Did anyone join the military thinking that they wouldn’t have to do what they signed up for?

          How about you give some EDUCATED criticism. Your response is on the same level of stupid as “you don’t agree with ____, then get outta the country!”

          • Tired

            You truly don’t understand the reason of why we put on the uniform do you? When we all raised our right hands and said “I will defend this country agaisnt all enemies forgien and domestic” we knew that that could mean up to the cost of our lives. What I’m sure the others on this section are trying to get at is that we are tired of seeing young men and women who so willing understand that freedom is not free should get a break and get a chance to stay out of an occupying status for a while. Yes it always starts with a little “muscle flexing” but ends up with boots on the ground in some fashion or another. It is time for someone else to stand up and be willing to try and help make the world a better place. And here’s some more “educated” criticism for you, if you are so willing to see those of us that have the gumption to put the uniform on to defend your blathering, then why don’t you slap one on, stand beside us and join the fight. Other wise feel free to stand in front of us that choose to defend your mouth.

          • Chris

            Alright, here’s a response to your logic. Don’t like the decisions, run for president. Don’t agree with what your children are taught, become a teacher. The list can go on. Your ‘put on the uniform’ logic is tiresome.

            What is your solution? Let someone else handle it? When is the line drawn there? What event is ‘worthy’ of us handling it?

            Please, answer those questions above instead of telling me to ‘go put on a uniform.’ You may be someone that defended my ‘mouth,’ but I’m sure there was a teacher back in the day that taught you how to ‘speak’ logically with it.

          • Tired

            Even though I risk getting completely off topic, but what have you done Chris to help improve the quality of life in America? Can you tell me that you have put in your bid to be President, became a teacher? Until you can say yes then your point is invalid. I’m not saying I have all the answers in this situation but we do need to stay out of it. But I will tell you one thing, my “put on a uniform” routine may be tiresome to you, but until you find the testicular fortitude to put one on your argument is invalid because you will not fully understand how tired these service members are. At least I have tried to do something to give back to this county even if I have to listen to the mindless dribble of people like you. However if that is the direction that the government decides to go with this then I guarantee you we will pick up and move out, just like we’ve always done.

  • Tired

    I’ve been in the Army for almost 10 years now, with several family members who have served from conflicts from WWI to now. I think we can all agree that innocent children getting killed by chemical weapons or even having the unfortunate fate of being “collateral damage” of a civil war is absolutely terrible and children shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of adults. But I have to agree that we need to stay out of this. We cannot play world police forever, but also if we don’t there are a few that will try and blame us for not stepping in. So it’s a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. I, personally, would enjoy a little “peace time” where I can stay home and focus on my family. Not to mention we have plenty of children and adults alike being needlessly killed right here in the U.S. Let’s focus on US for a while and try to reinstate the united in U.S.

    • Yahooserious

      I agree with you. I have more to add. I was also in the army reserves for 18 years, with about 4.5 years of active duty time for deployments and training. While in Iraq in 05 we setup combat outpost rawa. Why the story u ask? Because it was setup to kill ff(foreign fighters) flooding in from seria. They city of rawa they kept under fear of Islamic law. The same ones fighting bashar alasad right now. Not to say the serian gov. didn’t allow the crossing of the border but either way; These people are not allies. The death of any civilian people, especially children, by chemicals weapons or conventional weapons is deplorable, but we should stay out of it. Like you said “damned if we do, damned if we don’t”. I’d rather not have these people killing our men and women later with guns we give em.

  • ZMan

    The most effective attack Obama could do is to send the IRS, EEOC, EPA, DHS, DOL, NLRB and other agencies against the Syrians. They have been effective against his enemies here at home.

  • Dean

    Stay out of Syria – we are already spread thin enough. Killing innocents is the worse – the other Arab nations should step in and fix it before they also are treated with bombs and chemical from that murderer.