Drug arrest, children taken into protective custody

The Dickinson County Drug Enforcement Unit, the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office, the Abilene Police Department, and the Kansas Highway MeierPatrol Special Response Team executed a search warrant at 1623 SW 2nd street, in Abilene, after a two month investigation into the distribution of methamphetamine.

As a result of the search warrant the home owner, 55-year-old Randy Meier was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Due to living conditions, two children ages 9 and 5 were taken into protective custody and placed with a family member.

The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office had been receiving citizen complaints about Randy Meier possibly selling methamphetamine.

Randy Meier is currently incarcerated in the Dickinson County Jail awaiting first appearance.

More arrest are expected as a result of this investigation.

  • dabeard

    This guy gives Bearded Meth heads a bad name!!