College football team in bus accident

(AP) — The Dodge City Community College football team was involved in a bus accident that left several cattle dead.Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 12.33.13 PM

The accident occurred in western Kansas after the school bus, transporting some members of the college football team, ran into a herd of cattle that was blocking the road.

David Wetmore, spokesman for Dodge City Community College, said there was no way for the bus to avoid the cattle. Nine cattle were killed. The passengers of the bus were not injured. Wetmore says the bus driver kept the bus under control during the accident

The football team was returning on Sunday from a game against Butler Community College in El Dorado.


  • Farmer

    How do you not see nine head of cattle on the road?

    • hmmmm

      Why were the cattle in the roadway, and if it is dark, and the cattle are black it is very easy not to see them.

  • concerned citizen

    I am sure he saw the cattle all the way to his front bumper. My point being the article said the bus was unable to avoid the cattle.

    • countryboykw

      Lets see hit cows or Roll bus by swerving and hurt or kill some. Hamburger and Steaks sounds good to me. Also you wasn’t driving the bus. Could of just came over a hill or a blind spot in the road. At 65mph it is hard to bring a bus to a screeching halt. You are probably one that would swerve to miss a deer and end up rolling your vehicle in the ditch.

  • beefeater

    glad everyone is ok this must be Cargill 48 million investment plan for automated order center to increase production from 6000 head of cattle to 6009 head !!!!!!!!11