Jayson Lloyd Gagna

Anthony Adolofo Casian   Address: Hays   Age: 24   Charges: 21-5414(a)(2)(B1) Domestic battery; Knowing rude physical contact w/ family member
Brian Lee Johnson   Address: Hays   Age: 43   Charges: 21-5414(a)(1)(B1) Domestic battery; Knowing or reckless bodily harm to family member
Danny Lee Williams   Address: Hays   Age: 44   Charges: 8-1567(a)(b1)(A) Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol; 1st conviction
Jayson Lloyd Gagna   Address: Hays   Age: 19   Charges: 21-5413(b)(1)(A) Aggravated battery; Intentional great bodily harm or disfigurement
John Donovan Bent   Address: Hays   Age: 38   Charges: 21-5412(b)(1) Aggravated assault; Use of a deadly weapon
Monica Marie Martinez   Address: Natoma, KS   Age: 30   Charges: 21-5801(a)(1)(B4) Theft of property or services; Value less than $1,000
Nichole Rene McConkey   Address: Hoisington, KS   Age: 22   Charges: 21-5705(a1)(d5)(F) Distribute opiate/narc/certain stim/heroin; Dose 10 -
Roger Duane King II   Address: Hays   Age: 47   Charges: 21-5915(a) Failure to appear
Tianna Rene Johnson   Address: Hays   Age: 18   Charges: 21-5924(a)(6)(b1) Violate protection order; Stalking order per KSA 60-31a05, 60-31a06
Timothy Charles Chism   Address: Newton, KS   Age: 29   Charges: 21-5705(a1)(d5)(E) Distribute opiate/narc/certain stim/heroin; Dose < 10 in 1000 ft school, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Felony Obstruction, Possession of methamphetamine