Weekend Sobriety Checkpoint Update

These are the (tentative) statistics from this weekend’s (August 24-25, 2013) Sobriety Checkpoint conducted by the Hays Police Department in the 600 Block of East 13th Street.

Hays Police Officer David Vilsaying works the weekend sobriety check point.

Hays Police Officer David Vilsaying works the weekend sobriety check point    Click the photo for a closer look

According to Lt. Ron Rounkes, “This checkpoint ran from approximately 12:38 AM until 2:38 AM.”

187 drivers were contacted by Officers
10 drivers were given field sobriety tests, including Preliminary Breath tests (PBT)
2 drivers were arrested for DUI
1 passenger was arrested for Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
185 pamphlets were distributed to drivers
The average length of traffic stop per driver was 14.7 seconds.

  • Guie Le Deuche

    They didn’t bother to give the two DUI suspects pamphlets?

  • Know your rights.

    Sobriety checkpoints are generally permitted by the courts, but only if conducted properly. If you’re arrested at a police roadblock always consult an attorney before confessing or agreeing to a plea bargain. There might be some legal options that your lawyer can pursue.

  • blind r

    Regarding the DUI’s….. ALWAYS get an attorney as the police are pretty overzealous when it comes to DUI’s and view them as another notch in their belt :(.

    • Son killed by a drunk

      Good. I say crucify drunk drivers. Cops should get a bonus for every one they had out (legally of course) This is a completely avoidable action that has ruined countless lives.