Three Arrested for Sale of Stolen Goods

The Hays Police Department has arrested 3 individuals relating to the sale of stolen goods.police

Lt. Ron Rounkles of the Hays Police Department told Hays Post that officers were investigating an incident that took place at Gamestop.

Rounkles said that the suspects pawned off items with serial numbers matching those that had been reported stolen earlier that day.  A search warrant was issued for the residence of the three suspects in the 2800 block of Grant Ave. three and a half hours after the initial sale.  In the execution of that search warrant, all three suspects were charged with the sale of stolen goods, and two of the three received felony drug charges.

Derek Edwards, an employee of Gamestop, told Hays Post that officers were able to easily identify the person selling the stolen goods.  Edwards said one of the suspects signed his name during the sale of goods to Gamestop, and he used his Gamestop card to redeem that sale for points.  Part of the personal information tied to an individual’s Gamestop card is his/her address. The suspects were also clearly visible on multiple video cameras in the store.

Rounkles added that the investigation is ongoing to determine if the suspects were responsible for the theft of the items or if they had come into possession through another means.

Stay tuned to Eagle radio and Hays Post for additional details as they become available.

  • WeeTodd

    Sounds like the “Stupid Criminal of the Month” to me.

  • Just brilliant

    Well that just shows you how smart the criminals in this town are. I bet the cops are standing around saying like shooting big fish in a small barrel. Whats next criminal genuises maybe you could steal a car and drive it down to the courthouse to get it tagged.

    • Smurfy

      actually shooting fish in a barrel is very hard, the water displaces the energy from the bullet making it lose all speed after about 6 inches into the water making it non deadly towards fish.

      • Rocket Science

        Sounds like you need to get a smaller barrel.

      • blind r

        Not quite……..”In most movies the superhero escapes certain death by simply jumping into water, but would that actually save him from someone shooting at him? The answer is yes and no.

        It depends on the bullet, and how fast it goes. Paradoxically, the
        slower the bullet, the deeper it can go. The reason for this is because of the force at which it hits the water. If it hits hard enough, the bullet will shatter and become harmless, but if it is going slow enough it will continue through the water at speeds fast enough to penetrate human flesh.

        Supersonic bullets, up to .50-caliber, disintegrate in less than
        three feet of water, while pistol rounds need up to eight feet to become non lethal. Shotguns slugs require even deeper water.
        While these are the technical measurements, in most actual situations the bullet would enter the water at and angle, reducing the amount of water necessary to make it non-lethal.”

        Bon Jour……..:)

      • Phartnokker

        Who said the barrel had to have water in it?

  • Darwin

    Someone is up for one of my rewards

  • hahaha

    Don’t believe everything the media tells you or you may become a stupid citizen.