Governor & Economic Advisors coming to Western Kansas

The Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors will hold its quarterly meeting on Tuesday in Dodge City. The meeting will focus on water resources in Kansas and Sam_Brownback_official_portrait1their impact on agriculture, industry and municipalities.

Gov. Sam Brownback will call the meeting to order. Kansas Water Office Director Tracy Streeter will provide a general overview of water resources in the state. Other presentations include:

Lane Letourneau, Water Appropriation program manager, will discuss the Ogallala Aquifer and ground water issues.
Earl Lewis, executive director, Kansas Water Office, will highlight surface water issues in reservoirs.
Chad Bongtrager, assistant secretary, Kansas Department of Agriculture, will present an economic overview of water resources.

Following the presentations, the Advisory Council will split into breakout sessions to discuss the issues, action items and opportunities. The full Advisory Council will reconvene for final discussion.

An economic overview and industry sector reports will also be delivered during the meeting.

  • tim

    Just what we need more economic gurus thinking of ways to spend our money. We have enough of those right here in Hays.