Adult Daycare Facility Opens

The first area Adult Daycare facility is up and running.Good Sam Society logo

Regina Anderson, Director of Hays Good Sam Adult Daycare Services and Executive Director of High Plains Independence, told Hays Post that the facility opened August 12th and is currently open to additional adults.  She says this is the first free-standing adult day care facility.

“We’re not attached to a skilled-nursing home.  The other Good Sam Adult Day Services are in the same building as a nursing home and they just have a couple of rooms off by themselves.  This is the first one where we are not attached to a nursing home.  It is totally its own entity”

The intent of the daycare facility is to help maintain socialization and care for adults that are still living at home.  The adult day care will provide breakfast and lunch and one snack, and will have staff on hand to support adults as needed.

Currently there are 4 adults that are able to come in every day if they’d like to and 2 that are waiting to be assessed.  An initial assessment by a nurse within the facility is required.  Once the initial assessment is completed, the nurse sends a form to the adult’s doctor.  Part of that form is a request for information regarding medication so the on-site medication aid can ensure medicine frequency and dosage is administered and charted properly.

The cost is $75 a day, $45 for four hours a day or less.  Anderson says that the weekly cost for an adult to come all day every day is $1500.  The cost for the same time frame at a skilled nursing home is anywhere from $45k to $55k. Anderson added that insurance coverage is just like any other service a doctor would prescribe or recommend.

“Most insurance [companies] at this point do not pay for a daycare service for adults.  Most of it is self-pay right now but the trend is going towards having this be on their (adults’) insurance.  If the doctor said they needed this for socialization, or say they just got out of the hospital and were still a little unsteady or recovering, once they were pretty agile and could get out and around a little bit they could have the aid on duty and people here to help them maneuver back into their home.”

The facility is currently licensed for 15, but could easily go up to 22 with a phone call. If needed, simple changes in furniture could allow for up to 30 adults.

Anderson says the facility does not cover for transportation, adding that Hays has the Access vans available to people needing assistance.

People requesting additional information can visit their websit here, call (785) 621-4726, or email

  • Wow

    I agree with the social aspect of this but who can afford that?!?!

    • bosco

      i agree. way too expensive for the pocket books for most elderly around here. neat idea but too expensive.

  • Confused

    Numbers don’t add up….. 7 x 75 = 525 for week

    • herding_turtles

      I think it should read something like for them to be there everyday for a month (5 days a week for 4 weeks) would be $1500

    • José Jimenez

      Proofreading is shunned at HaysPost.

  • Hays

    You only pay when you come. So it is alot cheaper than nursing homes and you get more one on one. It is a very awesome idea and it is much needed in our area. And I know this for a fact.