Kansas Dem Weekly Wrap: Tim Huelskamp – Nasty, Brutish, and Short

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Claiming the title of worst Kansas politician is a tall task these days given the continual new lows being set by our Republican elected officials at the state and federal level.

Kansas GOP legislators hell bent on undermining our “elitist” public education institutions? Monumentally short-sighted and vindictive, but nothing new for people who want to drown government in a bathtub.

What about Governor Sam Brownback and his constant cronyism? Last session he rammed through new state laws giving him unilateral power to appoint judges just so he could appoint his own chief counsel, Caleb Stegall, to the Kansas Court of Appeals. Sadly, that’s just typical Brownback partisan power politics.

Surely Kris Kobach, our part-time Kansas Secretary of State and full-time witch hunter, can make a strong claim for worst politician ever. This week he started another wasteful lawsuit to try and make voting as difficult as possible AND had his immigration policies called “horrific” by his own Republican National Committee chair. Winner, right?


Even that pales in comparison to the nastiness Rep. Tim Huelskamp displayed this week (and every week). First,Tim trotted out lie after lie about school lunches, food stamps, and the work Kansas State Research and Extension does informing people about health care law changes.

Then Tim refused to help constituents who had questions about Obamacare. Tim has already said he wouldn’t help Kansans struggling with insurance bills and pre-existing medical conditions, offering the snide advice: “Call your former governor.”

He took that attitude one step further at a townhall meeting on Monday, proudly admitting that his office is discouraging his constituents from signing up for Obamacare.

As the Hutchinson News rightly fumed:

“Why would you tell any citizen of the country, a constituent of your district, not to sign up for government benefits to which he or she is entitled? That is confounding, if not treasonous. That’s like telling a veteran not to sign up for veterans’ benefits or a senior citizen not to go on Medicare. Will Huelskamp tell constituents not to send their kids to public schools because of the new Common Core academic standards that he also opposes?”
If you’re Tim Huelskamp you might do all those things because scoring petty political points comes before the well-being of your constituents. Is there any other explanation for the congressman who voted against the Farm Bill while representing the largest agricultural district in the country?

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  • Yahooserious

    Crazy old Timmy. Definitely the worst politician in KS; maybe the entire US. If they don’t sigh up for obamacare they get fined anyway. Haha. Good advice,Timmy boy. I guess the real idiots will know who they are when they don’t sign up because their head is to far up Tim’s ars.
    His trying to score browny points with the “base” is the exact reason the Republican Party is on the way out. Out “conservative” the next guy all u want. As the options and ideologies of the America people move on; you won’t.

  • Kathy Lovelady

    Why is it that the Democrats always have to resort to name calling ? Do they think that it is the only way to get their point across. It just makes them sound petty and desperate.

  • Hypocrite much?

    Why don’t you tell your family to quit mooching off the taxpayers with all their farm subsidies. What’s good for the goose…Right Timmy???