Sobriety Checkpoint tonight

police drunk drivingOfficers of the Hays Police Department will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint tonight in the 600 block of E. 13th Street. The check lane will be held between 11:45 pm and 2:45 am.

The purpose of the lane is to improve the safety of the community by identifying impaired drivers and removing them from the roadway. Those motorists suspected of driving under the influence will be given on-site sobriety tests.

Efforts will be made to minimize the interruption of traffic flow, but many drivers will be stopped as part of this program.

This event is being conducted in accordance with the Kansas Department of Transportation “I.D.D.P.” – Impaired Driving Deterrence Program.

  • Cousin Johhny

    Why don’t they ever do this in 2800-3500 block of Hall street, they would be very surprised!

    • tax payer

      Burger King traffic, lol

  • heads up

    I wish they didn’t have to post this. It kinda takes away the element of surprise. I can handle people getting trashed, but when they drive it is the bane of my existence.

  • Larry

    I do believe it is the law that check pointed have to be announced

    • Larry


  • tax payer

    Cherry pickers