USD 489 Selects Interim Superintendent

The Hays Unified School District has announced that during a special meeting that will be held on Monday, Dean KattAugust 26, at 5:15 PM, they will approve the contract for Interim Superintendent of USD 489.  The Board of Education has selected Dean Katt to fill the position.

Mr. Katt will begin his new post on September 1st.  The USD 489 Board of Education chose to advertise regionally, using a consultant from the Kansas Association of School Boards, of which they are a member district.  Working with KASB assured that the vacancy would be posted regionally which helped adhere to a short timeline and ensure that the process would move quickly and smoothly.  The Board received a number of applicants from around the state of Kansas; in which they chose to interview five on August 9th.

Mr. Katt is a Kansas native, growing up in Ellis and graduating from Alma (KS) High School.  He received his BS in Education in 1982 and his Master’s in Education Administration in 1992 from FHSU.  Mr. Katt was a teacher for 7 years in Deerfield and has served as a high school principal for 10 years in Holcomb, eventually stepping into the role of Superintendent of Schools for USD 466 (Scott City) and most recently USD 290 (Ottawa) for the past 11 years.

“We had a strong pool of candidates and the interviews (on August 9th) were all very positive.  We are very pleased that Mr. Katt has accepted this position.  His previous experiences, vision for the future, and enthusiasm will ensure that the Hays Unified School District will continue to be amongst the best in the state,” said Greg Schwartz, Board President.

The contract will begin on September 1, 2013 and continue through September 30, 2014.  This agreement may be terminated at any time by either party for any reason after May 31, 2014, upon thirty days written notice.

  • just sayin

    cool. as long as he’s a yes man to greg, gus and the rest of the board he’ll do ok. just hope he doesn’t think he’s gonna run anything by himself. our school board members are now micro-managers.

    • Thoughs

      Just going to throw this out there, not saying our school board is doing everything right by any means. Maybe our school board is “micro-managing” things because for years it has been comprised of people who just rubber stamped everything and questioned NOTHING. Greg can be a real jerk along with some others, but at least this board asks questions unlike the past. Greg may be “filling his own agenda” as he as been accused, but let’s face it, we haven’t had a decent school board in YEARS! We can use the excuse with this board at least that they are new and learning unlike many of the former ones who were just in the back pocket of the administration so far they couldn’t make their own decisions or even ask questions.

      • d

        That’s funny Thoughs, there are still 4 of the 7 original board members seated, only 3 new ones. Why the sudden change?

        • bosco

          that’s a good point d. my point is this. we can never elect board members that can actually think for themselves. when we had fred Kaufman he literally told the entire board how things were gonna be and like bobble headed dolls they all shook their heads and said, “yes fred.” now they got fred out and will roth out it seems the board is run by one person–greg. it seems whatever greg wants the rest of the board nods their heads and says, “yes greg” this is not good. we elect 7 individuals to come up with the best direction and plan. not just one guy. i personally think greg is on some sort of ego trip. he thinks he runs the joint. and from what i see lately–he does.

          • deafed

            schwartz loses well as a prosecuting attorney );

  • GB1978

    Why interim?…why didn’t they just go get a long term super?

    • deafed

      Nice question! Leads to many more questions…

  • Uncle Thomas

    I would agree that “Fred” ruled with an iron fist. The past administration was satisfied with maintaining the status quo. Now we have the BOE President taking charge…I believe we needed someone to step up. Now that we have a new interim Super time will tell if the BOE President will go back to assuming his role. My guess they signed a contract with the interim and if he proves himself they will renew contract. Now we need to focus on a deputy super, a tech director, revamp maintenance…AND hopefully we can get back to what it is all about the CHILDRENS EDUCATION!

    • bosco

      revamp maintenance? what grip do you have with maintenance? besides they don’t have enough personnel to solve all the problems thrown at them.