Tiger Auction and Dinner now Interactive

The fourth annual Tiger Auction and Dinner, held on Saturday, August 24 starting at 4 pm, will be interactive for the first time this year. The live portion of the Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 6.36.44 PMauction, beginning at 7:05 pm, can be viewed live online courtesy of Eagle Communications. Online viewers can make a donation to Live Item #40 by calling the phone number provided during the webstream. Viewers can also watch the live portion of the auction in its entirety. The auction is being held at the Memorial Union Ballroom on the campus of Fort Hays State University.

Funds from Live Auction Item #40 will assist with the renovation and replacement of equipment in the existing weight room, side court basketball goals, volleyball standards, and a netting system at Gross Memorial Coliseum with expected costs estimated at $70,000.

For further details on Live Auction Item #40, go to the following link…

Live Auction Item #40

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The auction catalog is now available for viewing online…