League of Women Voters Wants Governor’s Schedule

LWV_WebLogo__r470x260The League of Women Voters of Kansas has filed an open records request for the schedules of three state officials, including Gov. Sam Brownback and his nominee to serve on the Kansas Court of Appeals.

Brownback on Tuesday nominated his chief counsel, Caleb Stegall, to serve on the court. Under a new law, the governor did not release the names of others applicants for the position.

The League of Women Voters says its open records request is for the schedules of Brownback, Stegall and the governor’s Appointments Director Kim Borchers between July 15 and Aug. 16.

League state president Dolores Furtado told The Lawrence Journal-World  the group wants to check Brownback’s claim that Stegall was the most qualified choice of the 13 people who applied for the court opening.

  • Yahooserious

    Good job, Ladies. I’d like to know too. How the hell did the legislator allow appointments without oversight? Very un-democratic in my opinion.

  • rhett fahrtz

    In other words, to see if any females, blacks, or homosexuals were passed over.