USD 489 Staff Member Resigns – Update: Resignation Letter Attached

Update – Todd Bryant spoke with Hays Post this afternoon regarding his resignation.

Picture courtesy of USD489 website

Picture courtesy of USD489 website

Bryant told Hays Post that he had applied for the position right after the July 15th board meeting and hadn’t heard anything about the job, but he went and interviewed for the position last week.   Bryant said that one factor behind his leaving was the uncertainty in this school district.   He said another factor was that his new position pays more there were a number of factors that make this a good time to leave.

“It was a good time because of some of the things that happened: the termination of my contract, the wireless bid failing, the reshuffling of the technology committee.  Coupled with the fact that both of my bosses are leaving, and this unique opportunity came available.”

He went on to illustrate what played a role into his seeking a position within a different district.

“There are some things that should have been handled behind closed doors, and there’s some things that should have been handled in the public meeting.  Some of those I thought were addressed in closed doors and were rehashed in public meetings. ”

Bryant added that it wasn’t one situation that caused him to look for other positions.  Instead, it was a culmination of different events since July.    He has officially accepted his position in Manhattan and has no intention to go back on his word with that district, but he did say that down the road he would consider coming back if the school board members who have told him “we have a plan” were prepared for impending changes and if a “clear plan and structure put in place.”

“Richard’s leaving and they don’t have someone in place for him, they don’t have an interim superintendent lined up.  It’s tough for me to do my job when you don’t have those things and everybody doesn’t know what’s going to happen.  I think that’s created a lot of uncertainty and turmoil.”

Bryant says that though he is leaving, he truly has enjoyed working with the district.

“I grew up in Hays, went to school in Hays.  This is what I know.  This is a major life decision for me.  I don’t want to burn any bridges: it’s been awesome working with the principals, secretaries and techs throughout the years.  I’ve really enjoyed my job.  With what’s going on and the new opportunity I’ve been presented, it makes it a good opportunity to step aside.”

Bryant will join the Manhattan-Ogden school district this fall.  Click below for a copy of his resignation letter, reprinted here with permission from Bryant.




Original story – USD 489 Operations Technology Coordinator Todd Bryant has resigned. He is taking a job with the school district in Manhattan

Deputy Superintendent Richard Cain told Hays Post that Bryant was presented a job offer from Manhattan and he turned his resignation in Wednesday, August 21st just before noon.

Cain said that to the best of his knowledge, there were no other factors behind the resignation, there was no indication that Bryant was looking for positions within other districts, and the offer wasn’t initiated by Bryant.

Cain also stated that this position requires a specific set of skills that involves a lot of curriculum work with principals as well as a great deal of data manipulation with the State Department of Education, and the position will need to be filled quickly.

Bryant Resignation

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      All the while, Hays Medical is undergoing another house cleaning of multiple, long time, upper level staff and docs.

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    Wish Todd luck. He is and always has been a great guy and hard worker. Manhattan is definitely getting a winner.

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    It’s news because a lot of people are leaving the district because of our crappy school board. Pay attention people because the children are the ones losing out here!
    Todd is a great person and this is a huge loss for our district. I wish him the best of luck with his new job though, he deserves to be in a job where he is respected and treated decent.