Sound Off: New Business in Ellis County

Aaron White, Executive Director of the Ellis County Coalition For Economic Development told Hays Post that some Hays Logonational chains are looking at Hays and the surrounding area for expansion. Some of these businesses are looking at the area for the second time due to the increase in Hays’ retail pull factor.

What business would you like to see come to town? Tell is in the comment section below.



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71 Comments for “Sound Off: New Business in Ellis County”

  1. Someone to compete w/ Wal-Mart…..like Target or Cosco…..Wal-Mart is a monopoly in this area w/ zero competition!

  2. Target, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili’s, TGI Fridays, Old Chicago, Ruby Tuesdays, Gordman’s

  3. Hopeful for Hays

    Chipotle, Olive Garden, Souper Salad, Einstein Brothers, Cheddars. Target, Costco, Staples, A& W, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Mornings, Qdoba, Sam’s Club, Party City, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kirklands, and Kohls
    just to name a few…….

  4. Another Hays Person

    Red Lobster, Olive Garden

  5. everyone already knows the answer to this: olive garden, target, old navy, kohls, chipotle, because people have been giving the city the same answers for at least 5 years.

  6. more fast food joints and motels

  7. somethin for nothin

    as far as restaurants go you can forget the likes of olive garden’s etc. hays doesn’t have the population base to keep these restaurants full every night. besides people around here want lots of junk food for little price. that’s why the golden corrals and mcdonalds thrive. ain’t gonna happen.

  8. A_citizen_patriot

    I would love a cabelas too. But since they just built one in wichita, that wont happen.

  9. Dick’s Sporting Goods but I heard Salina is getting one. Can anyone confirm that?

    • Salina is definetly getting a Dick’s Sporting goods! Not sure when it will be opened but its going in the old Sutherlands building.

  10. Hays doesn’t have a workforce or a viable water supply to attract more businesses. Don’t forget it’s City/County Budget funding time!



  12. Hooters anyone?

  13. I agree with all the food suggestions previously mentioned; anything new would be great!
    As far as shopping goes… TJ Maxx, Gordman’s, or Ross would be nice!

  14. Valentino’s ! ! !
    K-Mart, Menards, Target, Hobby Lobby

  15. Target, Dollar Tree, a child’s clothing store (for variety – like Carter’s, Children’s Place, etc), Olive Garden or Red Lobster (something different).

  16. Aldi would be a great addition

  17. I would have to say something that has more clothing for kids/teenagers(Children’s place, Old Navy Crazy 8, Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie.) And even a bigger store like Gordman’s, Big Lots, Hobby Lobby

    As far as places to eat: Famous Daves, Buffalo Wild Wings, Granite City… ANYTHING besides Mexican would be a great addition to Hays!

  18. Hobby Lobby … Target….Menards…..Kohls…..World Market …Olive Garden…Pet Smart

  19. Hopefully we can get something, was just in Garden City they are getting dicks sporting goods, just opened menards, getting 10 new chain restaurants, a 35 store shopping center. Worries me as a business owner and resident of Hays

  20. Kohls, Target, K-Mart, Cato, Dress Barn, Carters, The Children’s place, Red Robin, Cold Stone, Aldi’s….

  21. Target would be wonderful! I agree with some previous comments, we don’t need another mexican place to eat!

  22. not a Hays resident

    Target, Red Robin, Popeye’s, Hobby Lobby, Famous Dave’s,

  23. How about a Dave and Buster’s Restaurant. It’s a grown up Chuck E Cheese with REAL food, NOT just gross pizza.

    • Have you been to a Dave and Buster’s? I LOVE the one at Legends in KC… BUT, and a big BUT here… too many parents treat it like a chuck e cheese – too many kids, too many LITTLE kids. IT’S A BAR! People let their kids run loose at a BAR. At any rate, Hays doesn’t have the population to support that.

  24. How about a CRACKER BARREL? Nearest ones are either in Junction City, or Park City just outside of Wichita. THAT would be a worth restaurant for Hays. As for a decent business find something in MANUFACTURING. This would bring workers, and then Hays would be able to look into bring in these others people are talking about. The oil field isnt going to last forever, and most of us arent in the medical field. Bring something to keep the talent we have HERE.

    • Yea, except that then we’d be overrun with hispanics like Liberal, Dodge, and Garden… I don’t want my hometown to become like those places. And unfortunately, with that population comes more crime and drugs

  25. What about a Dave and Buster’s???? It’s a grown up version of Chuck E Cheese, only they serve REAL sit down meals to eat before playing the games. And maybe a Target or Burlington Coat Factory.

  26. Hobby Lobby!

  27. Target, Hobby Lobby, Olive Garden


  29. Callin' Hays home

    Sprouts, or another grocer with healthier selections to compete with Dillon’s.

  30. a strip joint lol

  31. Whole foods market!!

  32. We wont get any “big” named places in Hays. If it’s in Salina or Dodge City it wont happen. We cant even keep schools open, instead we shove them all into as few as we can. I will be surprised if its anything decent. Probably another Burger King on the other side of Walmart.

  33. Ya know, I’m disappointed that the people of Hays are all about the chain restaurants… the chains have nearly driven out all of our Ma and Pa restaurants… I’d like to see the city and county do something to promote more ma and pa stores, “main street” type businesses and get away from the national chains and big box stores. There are only 2 things I’d like to see here: a QuikTrip gas station, and another grocery store to compete with Dillons/Walmart (like Aldi’s or Hyvee).

  34. Buffalo Wild Wings!!!

  35. Another Subway our Pizza Hut on Vine Street?

    • Bob St. No-Peter

      I agree. I’d say maybe another Subway down by Southside Convenience and then one by Love’s for a total of 5 in Hays. That should about do it. And maybe a another Pizza Hut around Walmart somewhere…

  36. Better stores in the mall, Gordman’s, Chipolte, Target, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings!

  37. Another WalMart out by the airport.

  38. Businesses are reluctant to invest in communities that may literally dry up and blow away. Until we solve our water problem, slow or no growth is the best we can hope for.

  39. More bank branches, Catholic churches and ballfields!

  40. a nice pool hall

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