USD 489/H-NEA Tentative Agreement (VIDEO)

nea 489 negotiators

USD 489 and Hays NEA negotiating teams reach an agreement

“That is something we will take to the teachers for a vote. ”

Kim Schneweis, co-chairwoman of the Hays-NEA bargaining unit, brought that message back to the table after a 10-minute caucus late Tuesday afternoon.

The tentative agreement was finally reached between negotiations teams for USD 489 and the Hays National Educators Association late Tuesday afternoon.

Both teams plan for a ratification vote soon.





  • Hays resident

    I’m glad to hear that the teachers will at least get some increase. Unfortunately, by the time you break that amount down by the number of teachers, it won’t add up to much. I hope next year, the first thing they approve is teachers income BEFORE anything else is approved. School has already started and they just now are finalizing the pay for them?? The budget approval list should be teachers pay first, THEN anything sports related or considered non essential. The $60,000 for the (non professional) adviser would be the first thing I’d leave out…..would have been nice to have that amount to put towards teachers salaries. Also, to back the teachers into a corner talking about cutting their insurance or make it self funded, that’s just making it even worse. I thought giving our kids a good education was what was important? How can you do that when you aren’t willing to invest what it takes to make that happen?

  • hogwash

    well the board bought a luxury bus for the athletic dept the other night. will roth said on the radio the bus was needed for a more luxury ride for our players to drive to places like liberal. he mentioned the football team needing more comfort. so right there tells ya that sports is still, and always will be, #1. who needs teachers? but we’ll have a great football team. even thought i haven’t seen them bring a state trophy home yet. but they tell me its coming

  • Tired of the Whining!

    I can not believe that there are still people in this community that believe we spend so much money on Sports!! Get a clue, we are behind all the other schools we play in facilities and transportation. Not to mention a tiny little budget for all of our sports. And you’re right, kids should be as uncomfortable as possible when spending 8 hours in a bus, good logic. And for the teachers, if you would have been to the negotiations meeting you would have seen that we are spending money on teachers, just not a whole lot this year but still 220K in raises. Pick a new song and dance to complain about cuz this one is pretty tiring to hear…not enough on teachers and too much on sports…how about this, why don’t you run the school district cuz I bet you have all the solutions. HaHa

    • just saying

      $70,000+ salary a year for a football coach! how much does a teacher make? i rest my case whiner.

      • Tired of the Whining!

        Divide the Salary by the number of hours Coach Cornelson works and he would be the lowest paid teacher/coach at HHS. Teachers want more money for anything they do outside of their 7:45 to 3:15 job. Coach C has lead us to 4 straight state track titles and 3 football conference titles. We just had a PE teacher retire last year that was making 60+K a year. You anti sports people are hilarious and I’m sorry that you weren’t good enough to play. But that doesn’t mean that the kids who choose to be student athletes should not have quality accommodations. So bosco says to eliminate sports and “just saying” is mad because a Teacher/Coach makes 70K. Who’s really whining here…ummm, sounds like you two are the criers. We need to improve all areas for our students and athletes and musicians and artists, etc…whenever we can! Why is that such a problem with people like you? Thank God you are in the minority and thanks for all your contributions, oh wait, you are the type that complain but probably never do anything else….Cheers!

        • bosco

          where in my statement did i say we should eliminate sports? read before you talk whiner. oh i forgot. you can’t read because you spent your time kicking a ball instead of listening to your English teacher.

    • bosco

      quit taking kids to kick a ball on 8 hour trips and they won’t be uncomfortable. sorry whiner. your argument is weak