Plea deal reached in Sex Crime Case

Clinton Eugene Snavely and Beverly Ann Snavely of Hays were charged September 29, 2011, in Ellis County District Court with multiple counts of Child Sexual snavelysAbuse. Over the past 2 years, they’ve been evaluated and found competent.

This week, Beverly pleaded no contest to the charges. Click on the items below to read the charges (Caution, extremely graphic) and about how long she will spend in prison.  Her husband is scheduled to be back in court next month.


  • sickened

    I am in total shock at this slap on the wrist for a MOTHER who destroyed her own DAUGHTERS life…… WOW!!!! Bless the child.

    • Yahooserious

      I agree. There could be aggravating factors though. Maybe the husband forced both them. I really wish I wouldn’t have even read that to be honest.

      Either way she’s an adult and culpable and it really is a slap on the wrist. I hope they stick it to the husband.

    • partoftheproblem

      please delete this, as you are exposing the identity of this poor child. hasn’t she gone through enough?

      • Sad

        It was NOT necessary to publish this graphic information. We all understand the vile nature of this kind of abuse. HaysPost, it does not serve anyone well, especially the young girl who will likely never heal from this. It only adds to her trauma and humiliation. Your judgement was extremely poor in deciding to publish this. My heart hurts for this child.


    WTF!!!! What is wrong with our justice system!!!!!! It’s a slap on the wrist for her to serve barely anytime in prison and a slap in the face for the victim and anyone else whom believes she and her husband shall rot in prison and possibly be dealt what they truly deserve by fellow prisoners whom do not take likely to child molesters, rapist of children and overall just harming children. I am sick to my stomach not only by what they did to this child but that the judicial system just let’s these disturbed individuals go on with life as if nothing happened. Id like to get my hands on these two and show them true justice.

    • Yahooserious

      They have to make room in their jails and prisons for non-violent pot smokers. They are such a menace to society that it woud be better to let child molesters go.

    • Elle Hansen

      Bev Snavely has a developmental disability. Along with mental health issues. If she wasn’t every bit as coerced as the daughter, I’ll put my foot in my mouth. How would sending someone with a DD to prison to be preyed upon be serving justice? That would only perpetuate the problem. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Plus, I believe she agreed to testify against the real perp in this situation. . . who happens to be Clinton Snavely, imo.

      • Umm…

        She was declared competent to stand trial after a 60 day mental evaluation. If she has a diagnosed disability she would be housed in Larned, but we as Ellis Countians are so lucky to have her stay right here at home so we can foot the bill for her incarceration. SMDH.

        • Elle Hansen

          Diagnosed mental illness does not equal incompetent to stand trial or automatic treatment in Larned, according to the law. There are plenty of people who have neurodisabilities (mh/dd) who have committed crimes and been found competent. Lisa Montgomery, from Melvern, KS, has been sentenced (federally) to death for her crime, (which was especially heinous) despite having a severe and persistent mental illness. Furthermore, at the time she committed the crime, she was suffering from pseudocyesis…
          The law and it’s applicability are interesting things in these type of situations.

          • Seriously

            HAHAHA. Did you really just reference Wikipedia?

          • Get a life

            Please RE-READ. I said nothing about a diagnosed mental illness. I specifically said diagnosed DISABILITY! Which it is YOUR claim she is DISABLED! It’s sickening that you are on here defending this disgusting perpetrator of child abuse, and not standing up for the justice of the child!

  • Tyler

    lived across the street from these sick people and wow how much happened right there in front of me. should have known better why he did all the talking and she would be inside 90% of the time. and then there poor daughter that had to go through all of this. rot you pukes, although we all know you will be out way to soon.

  • rumor

    As I read this news article, I cried for this child.. What is wrong with these sick people. she has 16 years of education. and she gets months for this horrible awful act she was a part of. she deserves 16 year behind bars and more. what a horrible mother.

  • totaly mad

    hopefully the father who is charged with a total of 14 counts will get way more time and I hope it is in the worst prison we have he will be in front of a judge next month

  • Biggiesmalls

    I just hope this has shaken everyone to their core and even If it is just an off feeling about a child’s situation we get the police or SRS involved as soon as we can get to a phone. I admit that I called the police on her and her husband when they came into a store I was working in because their daughter looked so scared. Sick to my stomach now I know why she was. We need to work as a community to put these sick people away, even though The CA drops the ball with a slap on the wrist, and keep predators away from innocent children.

  • ks_rose

    It is a damn shame that these people are basically getting away with this. Their child is now unfortunately serving a life sentence of her own from the abuse. A life sentence that will punish her more than these people that claimed to be her parents ever will be punished in our judicial system. I am a child sexual abuse survivor and I know how badly this will affect this poor child and my heart aches for her. I hope that she will receive the help she needs to become a strong survivor. No wonder our society is in the state it is in with sentences, or lack there of for these low life individuals.

    • Elle Hansen

      I’m a survivor, as well. But I’m not entirely certain Bev is “getting away” with this. Considering her developmental disability and mental illness, I’d venture to bet that she was EVERY bit as coerced as the child victim. I truly believe she’s also a victim in this situation. I saw her with bruises so many times…

      • Yahooserious

        I get that feeling from the light prison time. People are always so surprised by peoples punishments from the CA. She looks a little disabled but I didn’t know if it was a drunk mugshot or what was going on. If what you say is true I do feel bad for her in a way, however, I don’t understand the battered woman syndrome. Why couldn’t she just have said something to someone?

      • ks_rose

        Whether she was or was not coerced, she is NOT a victim. I know how hard it can be to get away from an abusive spouse, but believe me, if someone really want to get away, they will find a way. There are a great deal of people that are developmentally disabled and have mental illnesses and you don’t see most of them doing this. She knew what was right and wrong. And from what I am reading from your posts, you don’t know for a fact that she was coerced, you are speculating. Stop stirring the pot and get over it because you WILL NOT change anyones mind.

      • the defeders are sick too

        I worked with Beverly for years. If you know so much about her ” disabilities” you would know that she was faking 90% of that mental illness bs she would pull out here and there when it served her needs, like now. She has a college degree for f sake cmon, i dont care if she is as stupid and “dev disabled” as you, she is a child molester and since Drees is so kind as to hand her back to us w/in the year, I guess we will see how this works out, she and her fake disabilities may be safer in prison. Have a great day. :)

  • Hays Resident

    Hang em’ both….need I say more?


    COME ON HAYS POST this needs to be removed!! Think about the child for God’s sake. In this tiny, gossipy, unforgiving town it it NOT that hard to figure out who this child is. It’s not like this is a generic German last name. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE this is too much……

  • hmmmm

    Does this not fall under Jessica’s law where these pukes would get life sentences. Or is this another case of our local justice system wanting to plea deal out of this so it is easier for them. These 2 poor excuses of humans, should never see the daylight again, but yet she will be out in January or sooner. WOW!!!!! way to go Hays Justice System.

  • Jokeofasystem

    Hays “justice system”is a joke. The husband will be put away for a long time but the mother should have been also. drees and kip, I just lost all my respect for you.

    • Elle Hansen

      Dude, Bev Snavely has a developmental disability and mental illness. Plus, if I’m correct, she agreed to testify against Clinton. As I posted above, I’ll put my foot in my mouth if Bev wasn’t every bit as coerced as the child. Clint Snavely is an evil, evil, evil person. I knew that years before this went down.

      • jw

        It sounds like you knew them or knew something was going on….why didn’t you speak up for if anything the sake of the child??

  • Former Hays Resident

    Beverly gets a short punishment time, and the victim will deal with this the rest of her life. These people are disgusting, and should be punished to the full extent. This is why there are so many repeat offenders in our system because the first time they get in trouble isn’t tough/bad enough for them to NEVER want to break the law again. The punishment does not outweigh the ‘benefits’ they get from committing a crime, so they do it over and over again. On top of it all, taxpayer money is used to defend them, house them, etc. When they are in prison they get 3 meals a day, access to TV, healthcare, and other amenities, meanwhile we have Veterans, people who actually did something good for this country, starving and lacking good healthcare! No wonder why our country is in this position. We don’t need to worry about China or Iraq, we will demolish ourselves from within way before they get to us, which is truthfully very sad.

  • Ryan

    It is time for a new County Attorney, 32 months is a joke of
    a sentence. Does Drees even show up up anymore or just beg for a plea deal and just take whatever the defendant agrees to. This is a slap in the face to the
    victim, the law enforcement that worked the case, and all of Ellis county.
    Drees you can’t even get it right the second time.

    • Elle Hansen

      Bev Snavely is a vulnerable adult. In fact, she’s actually pretty slow. It’s very likely she was coerced. I’d be surprised if that is not exactly the case.

  • finallypaying

    I’m so glad they are finally paying for what they did, even though outs not near enough. When me and my friends were younger we were walking the dog and he would try to stop us and talk to us, ask us if we wanted to come inside and help babysit his daughter.. Obviously we were smart enough not to but he would also follow us when we were walking around the neighborhood. Such a creep. So sad for this young girl..

    • Elle Hansen

      Very much a creep, indeed! Clint is a vile excuse for a human being.

  • Reader

    Horrible, Sickening! No other words!


    What is the purpose of Jessica’s Law? Life sentence… if you read the Hays Post there is a another disturbed man whom is guilty of raping a 12 year old girl and he got more than her… you tell me what the problem is….Hays C’mon. This poor girl is damaged from what has happened and then for Hays Post to allow the public to read the incidents how embarrassing this has to be for this poor girl. I know longer have any faith in our judicial system.

  • hmmmm

    I am not sure if this is
    possible, but we need to look into replacing Drees ASAP. Apparently he does not
    know how to prosecute anyone, he hopes for a plea agreement, and never has to
    work for his paycheck. This is starting to get ridicules. We have people
    spending more time in jail for smoking pot, and DUI’s then we do for raping
    their own daughter. This county sickens me. Another post is asking for ideas on
    what chain stores we bring in, I would not want to come to this town not
    knowing if you are protected by the justice system. Maybe we need to start a
    petition to remove Drees.


    • Elle Hansen

      Disagree. Bev Snavely has a developmental disability and mental illness. If she wasn’t every bit as coerced as the daughter, I’ll put my foot in my mouth. The punishment should fit the crime. I’m not so certain Bev is as culpable in this situation. Plus, as I understand it, she’s testifying against the evil jack###.

      • Disagree with you

        Ok well it said she is competent and further more Elle, You can be pretty damn slow and still know right from wrong!!! She allowed this without fighting for this child, even if she was forced to help, she (I or anyone with a soul) is a MOTHER AND SHOULD HAVE FOUGHT TO THE DEATH BEFORE GOING ALONG WITH THIS!!! She never screamed kicked or ran for help with child in toe…….SHE HELPED HIM!!!!! STOP defending her!!!! She is just as VILE!!!!! She is testifing because it will benefit her in the long run…….were was she when it would benefit the child that she needs to protect. She is just as guilty!!!

        • and

          Even if she was battered and beaten she should have left in or while he was out or something…your a mom you figure out how to save and protect your child…write it there in a folder or book teacher can see it!!! ANYTHING FOR GOD SAKE!!!! run in the night to someones home or the police for help……….no such thing happened…….

  • Let her be

    HaysPost. Thank you for informing us of the ongoing case, I had forgotten about this matter until now. Please retain a little bit of journalistic integrity and remove the court document, people who really want the perverse details can get them on their own. I understand the nature of freedom of the press and freedom of speech but this child has been exploited enough. I do not know who runs this site, but encouraging continual public humiliation of the victims speaks to your true nature. Perhaps you can be better to this child than her parents were.