Lawmakers talk taxes with Kansas oil producers

(AP) — The Kansas congressional delegation will be talking about taxes with independent oil producers.kioga

Their session Monday at this year annual Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association convention in Wichita is titled “Over the Cliff — Digging in on Taxes.”

Expected panelists include U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts along with U.S. Reps. Mike Pompeo, Kevin Yoder, Lynn Jenkins and Tim Huelskamp.

Other sessions planned during the convention include seminars on health care reform and oil exploration in a geologic formation known as the Mississippian Lime Play in southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma.

Wichita State University men’s basketball coach Gregg Marshall is the luncheon speaker.


  • Yahooserious

    Summary of events: “don’t worry oil men(women). We will continue your tax breaks and subsidies courtesy if the ks tax payer. While you make millions we’ll continue your rise in status and stature since we didn’t cut the state sales tax like we promised. It’s all for you guys and gals”, “now. Lets talk campaign contributions”.