FHSU’s Felten-Start Gets a Makeover (VIDEO)

fs fs audio boardFort Hays State University’s theatre program is receiving a facelift, but don’t expect the faculty to be bandaged up. Cosmetic changes are being made to Felten-Start Theatre, the venue for all FHSU student productions.

Malloy Hall, home to Felten-Start theatre, was completed in 1965.

That fall, Felten-Start opened for productions with folding chairs as seats and bare floors. Since then, innumerable performances have provided entertainment for students and the public alike.

The seats and carpeting within the theatre were replaced a couple of times over the years, but the backstage equipment remains from Malloy Hall’s infancy.

Hays Post News intern Annie Sandmeier takes a tour with Tomme Williams, FHSU instructor of theatre: