Fans Flock for Autographs

tiger autograph wide

2013 FHSU Tiger Football Autograph Party

The Hays Mall parking lot was filled with lots of black and gold early this afternoon, site of the 2013 FHSU Tiger Football Autograph Day.

tiger autograph victor

Victor E. does a victory dance with his friend.

Fans were given colorful season schedule posters to be signed by the players, coaches and cheerleaders, who were seated in two neat rows in the parking lot.

Mascot Victor E. Tiger wasn’t seated; it’s not easy to do with that long tail, so Victor enjoyed the afternoon strolling among the crowd, ¬†posing for pictures with his very own fans.

Be sure to watch Hays Post News this week on Eagle Community TV Channel 14 for pre-season interviews with running back and team captain Andre Smith, and head coach Chris Brown.

tiger autograph 1

Members of the 2013 FHSU football team sign posters

The Tigers’ home opener is September 5 against Emporia State.

tiger autograph cheerleaders

FHSU Cheerleaders sign 2013 football season schedule posters


Hayden Brown, 11, of Hays, proudly shows his signed FHSU 2013 football schedule.

Hayden Brown, 11, of Hays, proudly shows his signed FHSU 2013 football schedule.

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  • JustMe

    Who would want an “autograph” of a FHSU football player??? Who the heck are they??? NOBODY!!! Unless you want an autograph before they get busted for drugs, rape, etc… so you can say you knew them when… FHSU IS NOT a big deal, just a big EGO!!!