City Sends Union Pacific Bill for Derailment

Train derailment cleanup this week in Hays

Train derailment cleanup in Hays

Union Pacific now knows just how much they owe the City of Hays for the clean up of the train derailment in July.

The City sent a bill to the train company for reimbursement of over $39,000.

Kim Rupp, director of Finance said at Thursday night’s commission meeting that Union Pacific received the bill on August 1st and they said they would get back to the city if they had any questions or concerns.

The bill includes $13,261.47 for 414.5 hours of labor, $9,138.75 in equipment costs and $16,672.81 in additional costs.

Of the additional costs $3,100 was for the cost of water as well as over $3,000 for the foam used to fight the fire.

  • ChooChoo

    $32 an hour for labor? I’d say UP got off easy.

    • notyourbusinessinks

      And I can safely guess that the workers weren’t actually paid that much per hour to clean up the mess….not even close to it.

  • Bloomberg

    Do they send residents a bill if they respond to a fire at your home?

    • Cousin Johhny

      Its not unheard of for big companies to reimburse municipalities in these situations. Do a little research, it happens fairly often. But its my understanding that they are not actually required to.

      • Bloomberg

        “just sayin” is correct. If they pay taxes they shouldn’t be paying or individual should be. You can’t say they should pay just because they are a big company.

      • jasmine

        to me it doesn’t matter what other big companies do in this situation. my point is this. if Union Pacific pays city taxes they are entitled to fire and police protection like every other city taxpayer. we shouldn’t be sending them a bill unless they don’t pay local taxes. if the mall or a downtown store catches on fire are we gonna send them a bill? just my 2 cents worth.

        • Cousin Johhny

          I actually think Union Pacific requested a bill, I believe Union Pacific offered to reimburse the City and all they other entities involved in the crash.
          I could be wrong but I think Union Pacific does not pay any local or state property taxes even though they are one of the largest property owners in the state of Kansas.

          • jasmine

            i agree. if they don’t pay the tax they can pay the bill. what did ol’ johnny say one time, “if it don’t fit, you must acquit!”

  • just sayin

    question. does union pacific pay any sort of city taxes? if so you’re setting a precedent here. if they pay city taxes they shouldn’t pay for fire and police protection. just asking.

  • Hays Resident

    Wasn’t 99% of this accident on UP right of way?? I understand the reimbursement to the owner of the shed that was severely damaged, I understand the charge for the water/foam usage, but $39k to the city???? This is gonna get ugly, and I don’t think the city of Hays understands just how powerful the UPRR really is, and oh by the way, good luck next time trying to get that utility easement crossing the UPRR! They will get their money back sooner than later if it does end up getting paid!

    • picker

      the shed? i think its called a building where he had his business operating from. anyway, it didn’t take UP too long to boot his butt off their property. he’s gone. hopefully they compensate the guy. nothing like coming to work one morning and finding your “shed” with a locomotive parked inside and an ocean of black diesel water surrounding it. poor guy.

    • Cousin Johhny

      UPRR requested a bill from the City of Hays, this story is not entirely accurate and a bit misleading!

      • WeeTodd

        Would you expect anything less from Hays Post? They only post what little info they see fit to print.

      • WeeTodd

        Would you expect anything less from Hays Post? They only post what they think needs to be posted.

    • Big Ern

      The building is owned by UP. The man is being reimbursed for his losses, and his business didn’t skip a beat.

      • picker

        how wrong your are big ern. UP does not own the building. the building is privately owned sitting on UP property. and how can you say his business didn’t skip a beat after a locomotive lands inside your building???? get your facts straight before blowing off.

  • Sounds a little Unprofessional

    Absolutely right we shouldn’t be sending anyone a bill for the cost of water of foam to fight a fire in the jurisdiction the fire department is suppose to protect. Is this a joke, im no time traveler and my crystal ball is in the shop but im predicting another apology letter forthcoming because this seems , well Unprofessional. Of course anytime you apply the word unprofessional to an situation, event or error its the result of something being done or resulting from the work of someone who is not a professional.