City Commission Questions Plaques at Larks Park

FHSU-BSB-Larks ParkAt Thursday night’s City Commission work session meeting the issue of signage on city property came up, in this instance Larks Park. Commissioner Ron Mellick said the grandstands are historic, having stood for 72 years and he took concern with a plaque that has been placed on the grandstands.

Mellick said, “I’m afraid there will be more plaques, more holes drilled in there, more plaques, more recognition. I’m not against the recognition but I’m against, I’m gonna say vandalizing our facility.”

The Plaque in question identifies the Meckenstock Group for its contribution to the backstop project. Fort Hays State raised over $8,000 dollars to help with the project while the City paid $10,000. Commission Mellick said he wants the plaque removed but City Administrator Toby Dougherty said there in no policy in place.

Plaque at Larks Park - 1

The plaque on the bleachers

“Not that long after the project, Curtis Hammeke, Athletic Director contacted staff and asked about the possibility of recognizing the major donor with a plaque and was told at that time as long as its not obtrusive we don’t have a problem with it,” said Dougherty.

Fort Hays State will have another plaque to recognize donors who helped with the new turf installation.

Dougherty said they will come up with a policy and bring it back to the commission to address their concerns.

Plaque at Larks Park

Location of the plaque

Commissioner Mellick also had issues with lack of recognition the city has gotten.

“I was a little upset at the dedication for the new turf down there because, they did recognize the city of Hays, but then it was mentioned the Fort Hays did the new outfield fence, that they did the backstop, that they did the bleachers and they did the remodeling underneath of the grandstands. And we all know that the city of Hays footed the bill on all of that.”  Mellick said.

  • johnson

    The problem with Larks Park is too many Chiefs. FHSU, City of Hays, Hays Baseball Association. No communication. Best thing for the city to do is find a way to get out of it. The concession stand needs to be re-built, outside fences re-done etc. Give it to FHSU and be done with it.

  • hmmmm

    It sounds to me that Millick wants to be credited for all this, I am guessing the Meckenstock Group would not have been on here throwing a fit about no plaque, or the other donators. That is why it is called donations, because you are giving something without being asked or without being forced to do so. Generally most donators do not expect to be recognized for their donation.

  • 247

    I believe in donating to good causes but I don’t agree that people should have to be recognized for their giving. Giving from the heart and not for recognition is what is should be about. I know many people do give without having to be known, but there are also those who give and want to be known. The plaques and names plastered all over buildings, parks, etc., really destroy the image and meaning behind “giving”. There are always special recognitions for those who give great amounts but those who give less are forgotten. We shouldn’t have to be seen or heard if we truly are giving.

  • other shoe

    Placing plaques on a historic building to recognize one or just a few donors should be a no – no. If there is wants or need for recognition, build a separate sign structure and list ALL donors, not just the rich that can afford to give thousands of dollars.

  • just sayin

    so if Meckenstock sign goes down better sand off the Schumacher-Nelson names engraved on the new turf. ok with you Mellick?

  • D

    That’s what we spend out time on? Really?

  • F

    Pretty sure that sign has been up for 2+ years…….just getting to it now?

    • WeeTodd

      Everybody knows that the city of Hays drags their feet on EVERYTHING!

  • huh?

    How did the city pay for it? Wouldn’t that be taxpayers money??

  • WeeTodd

    Where is my plaque for waking up this morning and going to work?

    • hank aaron

      That my friend is, called a paycheck.

  • Voter

    Seriously Ron! Are mad at the Meckenstock Group? It is common knowledge that you are a City Commissioner so that you can go after people you don’t like.